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A poem to my Asian bruddas and sistas, and the people of every culture and nationality.
First, I’m going to aim higher, then face the truth,
Then get told my efforts were not maxed out,
And continue my precipitous crying and complaining…
Would somebody reward me for telling the truth
About things? 

Every move that I make now is likely
To produce dividends in the long run,
Over that long and singular haul
We so aptly call “life”;
My rich, Asian heritage has taught me
Not to struggle or reach for well-earned excuses,
But to strategize and put forth the dedication
And skills demanded of each and every situation…
Values taught to folks in every culture
And nationality, and every walk of life…

Being analytical has helped me
Further my goals, ambitions, and dreams –
But were it not for the emotional anguish
And touchiness of my serious and saintly persona,
I would not know that I’m alive;
That the adult in me and all of us
Can handle any adversity up to a point,
But that the child inside each and every one of us
Must learn to live –
Be viable, valuable, and
Continue to hope.   

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