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Volusia must do something to stop Lord Marcuttis next attempt at revenge.
Lesson 5:  Developing the Intermediate Crisis
Lord Marcutti

That night Rindar returned to the encampment.  Volusia ran to his arms and Pelottie, Moogy and Tupa joined in the welcome
“Surprised to see me?” he asked…

“I knew you’d be back.”

“I didn’t share your confidence,” he replied,” but I had a feeling…”

“A feeling?”

“I dreamed the Mists asked me to name a wish.”

“And what did you wish?”

“That they allow me to write the story of my destiny…”


Yes… instead of writing it for me they allow me to write it for myself.”

“Well that explains everything,” she replied rolling her eyes

“Don’t tell me you didn’t intercede in my behalf… You’re a medicine woman… much venerated… For you they granted my plea.”

He gives me more credit than deserved, she thought, yet if my hopes for his return were a plea, I certainly exhorted the Mists to keep him safe.

“Perhaps… still I am glad to see you alive and in one piece… Tell me about what happened.”

Rindar settled by the fire and related the events of the past four days.  How he had fled the village slaying three of the Wardarian riders… How he killed two more the following day, then three on the eve of the last, until, only six remained.  How he lured them to the final ambush and how Lord Marcutti and his Son fell into the spear pit.  He gave special emphasis to the Lord’s anguish as his Son died impaled on the stakes and the wound he suffered as one pierced his thigh….

“So he’s still alive…?” asked Volusia.

“He was several hours ago as I rode away.  They were making a pole dray to carry him home.”

“Once he recovers your nemesis will return and destroy the village…put everyone to the sword.”

“I’m certain he will try… yet at a loss for what can we do to prevent it. “

“He must be stopped”

Your last idea turned out better than expected… any more in mind?”

“Send the women and children to hiding….”

“We could do that…”

“And prepare to face them with a few of the warriors.”

“Perhaps that will satisfy his lust for revenge.” said Rindar, stroking his jaw.

“Then again, perhaps it won’t.”

“Maybe the Great Lord will perish from his wounds.”

“We should not rely on such a favorable outcome.”

“What then….?”

‘Perhaps we can encourage it along.”

“How so?

“Send Pelottie and the children to the Village and have them begin making preparations.”

“…While the two of us go to the settlement and kill that miserable bastard for once and for all.”

“A bold plan…”

“No bolder than the one you just concluded.”

“It has possibilities…”

“Much could go wrong…”

“If we dwell on that we will surely lose heart.”

“It’s settled them.  Gather your things.  We must ride tonight and hope to arrive ahead of them.”
Rindar took Pelottie aside and explained the plan he had in mind.  He was certain the Elders would realize the gravity of the situation.

Volusia packed her belongings and met Rindar outside
“It will take us two days to reach the settlement,” she said, “however we won’t be encumbered as they are.”

Volusia’s family had resided on Price Koltar's estate during the years she had grown up.  Her father worked as a caretaker and supervisor of the artisans.  When the Prince had taken Volusia as a concubine they had lived in the “Cottage” that stood on the corner of the property.
The evening of the second day they arrived at the settlement after a hard ride and slipped quietly onto the grounds.  The Marcutti party has yet to return from the Rim Lands.
At the Cottage Volusia and Rindar concoct a cover story as to where Volusia has been the past six months.  She fabricates a disguise for Rindar and says he will assume the role of one of Lord Koltar’s servants acting as body guard and assistant

Marcutti party arrives…He is taken into the Citadel and his quarters in the Keep.  The new Sheriff goes in search of Tania to minister to his wounds.

The Sheriff finds Volusia instead.  She offers her cover story  That she has been to the Capitol and Prince Koltar has sent her back to the Province and that he will be joining them shortly….She inquires about why he is there… and is told to come and minister to Lord Marcutti
Rindar poses as her slave and carries her medical implements and medicines.  The Lord is fevered and she finds the wound septic and much worse than anticipated.  She leaves his infection to take a natural course.    Lord Marcutti never regains consciousness and dies the following week.

Volusia is surprised to hear that Prince Koltar is coincedentially route to the settlement and she and Rindar slip out the day before he arrives. 
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