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by Jack
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It's my #1 lyrics to a song ever!
Bit by Bit I'm magically charmed

By your smile together we'll

Leave this evil darkness you just have to come with me

Hold my hand!

You know I remember when we met as children playing in the park and I looked at you with a smile saying

Won't you dance along with me across the playground

As we passed by a winding road

I knew we'd be boyfriend and girlfriend in the future

And I was correct as we looked back on that day and I said

With our love we can always carry on!

Bit by Bit I'm magically charmed

You're my love you're my life in this world

If we work together in sync we might achieve eternity

Even if we might fail just know that I still love you let's

Leave this evil darkness never give up or cry just

Hold your hand!

Even though we might argue we both know we love each other through the years and remember playing together

As for now, we head on to the beach

And we look at the blue sea side

I knew we'd be together forever and ever

But who knows because I'm not a psychic but that is just a guess

Our might and love was with us through our childhood!

Bit by Bit I'm magically charmed

It's amazing in our love life that we love and

We both still love each other through the years

Even if we might fail we can keep going on and on

Let's continue through our lives together and all you gotta do is

Hold my Hand!
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