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midnight showing of Silent Hill plus reading edgar allen poe=my dream
Hell’s apocalypse
Once there was a silent valley were you could slip into the dark of night, gasping for air, running in fright. They appeared under lunar light from the pits of hell and Lucifer’s sight, seeking humanity’s end and the dark lords reign on all life.

The grounds depression of earth between mountains were demons can be found draining life like fountains is the breeding ground of solitude among the desolate valley of the demons and the dead. Skulls are tallied with numbers in red. The numbers then are sent to the keeper of the dead.

The divine sky kept watch with a birds keen eye to keep at bay the demons gone awry. The crimson color of satanic light shows the red glare in the sky each night. The color of a blood filled moon so bright. The demons would fight for the site each night.

One night the great light took the right to fight the demons in this terrible realm of fright. It was a waged war that raged for the freedom of all satanic life. An apocalyptic moment for the cryptic valley that ripped with roars and slipped into folly.

With the last great clash air turned to ash as a blinding flash came from the sky like a nuclear blast of poison gas and enchanted shards of glass, obliterating the mass of demons at last. It happened so fast, a new memory cast into times darkest past.

Joshua Rocha
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