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merely the first paragraph in my story id just like to know peoples opinions,
The rain poured from the heavens and the thunder rattled the window pane. When the lightning flashed it illuminated the room.marnie was curled up on her sofa reading a cheesy romance novel. The fire was crackling in the grate and it gave the room a pleasant feel. This was her routine after a particularly bad day in work. The high powered job as a chief resident of one of the largest training hospitals in the country was, at best, a stressful one. Sitting in her house alone reading something that didn’t require too much brainpower to understand helped calm her frazzled brain. She was so engrossed in her novel that when the phone rang it made her let out a small yelp. She picked it up but all she heard was a dial tone"weird"she said to herself as she hung up.as she walked back to her seat a gust of wind blew down the chimney and the flames went out."Damn it.what the hell is going on? “She re-lit the fire and once again went to sit down BANG!!!The front door rattled in its hinges and made marnie jump. She took one hesitant after another towards her door. She reached out to open the door and turned the handle. When she did a veritable man-mountain collapsed in the door and landed with a thud that seemed to shake the entire house top to bottom.marnie had to jump back in order to save herself from the being crushed under the weight of the block of muscle which had just collapsed into her home. After the initial shock had passed the doctor in her kicked in she bent down and checked for a pulse. She had no difficulty finding it. The man's heart must have been from a racehorse. She couldn't find any cuts or bruises or any injuries whatsoever she wrapped a blanket under his arms and dragged him into her living and maneuvered onto the sofa she had recently vacated. When this job was finished marnie went to the phone to ring an ambulance but there was no sound and the phone wouldn’t dial. She walked back into her living room and was startled to see the man standing and staring out the window. The lightning flashed and for a moment she thought she saw something in his face that couldn’t possibly have been there."beautiful,is'nt it? “he said. His voice was deep and seemed to resonate like the strings on a bass guitar."erm not really it’s kinda miserable out” he laughed loudly and when he laughed it boomed."yes.it is marnie” she wasn’t at all surprised the he knew her name. “excuse me, but who are you? “she asked weakly her own voice sounded weak compared to his bass tones “i have gone by so many names but you may call me Michael. I have come here because i have job to do marnie. A job i will require your assistance to complete” he said taking a step towards her. “what do you mean?” she asked as he took another step towards her. He was so close now that she had to crane her neck to look him in the eye. “my presence here is unnatural.it is an affront to certain higher powers but your permission can change that” as he was speaking she began to hear a slight buzzing noise.it started as an itch in her ear and began getting louder until it blocked out nearly everything else. He grabbed by the arms and as he did the buzzing stopped but she realized her whole house was vibrating until the walls began to crack Michael squeezed her harder”you must give me permission” he yelled.by now the house was beginning to rumble. Marnie was starting to black out but he kept squeezing her back to consciousness “just say it marnie. Say i have permission to be to be here."he had to roar over the crumbling house.in the back of her head marnie began to hear his voice and tried to comprehend his words “i give you permission” she screamed in agony because as soon as she said the words she felt as if a bolt of lightning had struck her. Her mind couldn’t handle the shock anymore and she finally succumbed to unconsciousness’....................
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