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The wacky world of Republicans...
                  Okay, Republicans decide things on religious principles.
      This is why Mitt Romney is having so much trouble getting nominated.
      His record in Massachusetts is too secular. Massachusetts is liberal.
      In Massachusetts women have the right to have an abortion. I like to
      call it a do over. Every time I run into a rude person I wish their mother
      had used contraceptive. But, the Christian Republican Delegates are
      not so liberal... So, Sarah Palin is their wild card at the convention.
                  Santorum is gaining popularity, because he is in line with the
      religious right. This means the Republican ticket could be Santorum&Palin.
      Am I the only one who finds this amusing? Well, this is the definition of

                    1. The frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes
                        the byproduct of anal sex.

      Ironic that Senator Rick Santorum's name should have that metaphor.
      I wonder how Sarah Palin feels about santorum? That would be a fun question
      at the convention.

                      "Governor Palin do you support santorum?"

      She'd have to say yes with a big toothy smile.
      Oh well, lube away Sarah!

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