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by Neda
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The experience of a girl being raped by the police forces in Iran
Scene 21

         Jenna was handcuffed sitting in the police station’s main office. The boss was a fat man, a smoky black stubble around his chubby face and chin, a big nose like a piece of wood, which drilled several times in the middle of small hazel eyes that were like two tacks on a yellow board, looked very horrible like a zombie; was writing their specifications.

“It’s against the law! You don’t have the right to arrest a French citizen here!” Jenna repeated for the third time. The fat man stared at her face and smirked.

“You’re so brave to speak like that! Everybody start crying and pleading here, but you’re courageous! I love that kind of girls! They are the ones who feel the rope of execution around their necks!” he said.

“You can’t do anything! “She shouted.

“Shut up! Don’t make me to send you to the jail without any further notice!” he yelled.

The interviewers who were arrested with her whispered to her ear,” Please! Be quite dear! They don’t joke about anything!”

“But they can’t do anything too!” she replied.

“They can do anything they want. It’s not a kid’s game! I hope they free you to go! “She said.

“They have to release all of us! We didn’t do anything wrong! Did we?” she replied.

“They think we did. Please be cool and let us see what happen!” she said.

“Just wait and see what happened? Is it fair enough?” Jenna countered.

The Boss called soldiers who were stood outside the office door,” hey boys! Come and take them all!”

Jenna was the only one in the room that looked very self-confident, someone who hesitated to cry or plead. The soldiers came in, without touching them, tried to grab their clothes,” Why female soldiers aren’t here today? Huh? Took their stuff before sending them to the cell! “The Boss yelled. After they hand on their stuff to the soldiers, they showed the way and walked behind them, shouting at them to move faster. They walked through a narrow corridor which contained four cells. One of the soldiers opened the first door on the right and howled,” wait! You should go in there!” All the three women turned back and moved to the cell. Soldier closed the door in no time, and they were left alone in the room. The secretary who was crying and pleading all the time sat on the ground next to the door, the other woman hugged and embraced her and tried to calm her down.

“They will let us go soon. Don’t worry!” Jenna said.

“Don’t be so sure! If they arrest you, they won’t let you go easily!” She replied.

Jenna sat in the corner of the cell which was dim– the door vent was the only source of light; some cockroach was moving on the ceiling, and the walls were wet and smelled of urine. They spent 15 minutes in the same situation when the cell door opened with a hooting sound, two women in black veils crashed into and called,” Behnaz and Asieh, follow me!” two women stood, followed them without any question. Jenna watched their strolling and the door which closed quickly; she had no idea, but they were released, and she will be free soon. She sighed and rested her head on the wall.

Scene 22

Alex tried to call Jenna for several times, but the cell phone was off; He was nervous, wanted to call Maggie to tell her what happened, “Hey Maggie! I – “he stopped.

“Hey Al. What’s the problem? Your voice seems so solicitous! Is everything alright?” Maggie asked.

“Well, it’s about Jenna – “he said, “but don’t worry!”

“What? What happened? Is she alright?” she said with an anguished voice.

“Yeah! Oh well! Don’t know! I’m really worried! Really pissed-off Maggie! She called me about 2 to three hours ago, said she is arrested by the police and – “ he coughed," – and now it’s been more than one hour I’m trying to call her, but her cell is off!”

“Oh my lord! Why she’s arrested?” she cried off.

“I don’t know. She just told me she had arrested and need her documents. That’s all!”He was walking along the room, a scarlet face of concern, scratching his head in wonder.

“But you should call her again. Maybe the police took her stuff, and she’s not able to answer. She will call you back or turn on her cell, as soon as they let her. Don’t worry son! She knows how to help herself!” she said.

“But she’s jackass! She doesn’t care about the police at all!” he nodded.

“Don’t worry and be calm, just keep calling her. Ok? Let me know what happened in one hour.” She reassured.

“Ok, Mag! Hope I can find this idiot!” he replied and cut off the phone. He dialed Jenna's number, but the cell was off. He was rankled, sat on the corner of the bed, put his face on his palms and think,” what can I do? Where is she?” Memories poured into his head like a canary-wine through the glass to the mouth; Jenna was laughing; he touched the soft skin on her stomach, and she was trembling. He kissed her belly button, licked it to the chest, touched her naked breasts, which were warm like two small rabbits in hand, and the taste of her sweet tongue. He dialed her number again. The sun was falling down; the orange light of sunset came into the room and leaned on his sad face; her cell phone was off.

Scene 23

         Jenna was slept on her knees that she held; she woke with a sudden sound of the door which hit the wall,” Wake up dopey! “A woman in a black veil shouted. Jenna felt her knees are numb; she stood slowly, tried to avoid falling while walking on her feet; like she was walking on shattered glass,” move on! They can’t wait for you for hours! Move your ass!” she shouted. Jenna was exhausted.

“Why you’re such rude? I am walking, can’t you see?” Jenna whimpered.

She turned angrily and yelled,” I can keep you here for years! So shut your fucking mouth and move your shit ass!” Jenna controlled her temper, did not want to argue with her, because she could predict that she wanted such reaction, therefore; Jenna just followed her, the smell of the woman’s body disgusted her; it was like pig feces,” I wonder if she even washes her body!” she thought. The woman opened the office door and pushed her inside, “Thanks Miss. Ahmadi.” The boss said. He was smoking again; the room was almost filled with cigar fog. Jenna coughed, the man started to speak without looking at her “Come closer,” he said,” Who said to sit down? Huh? Just stand in front of the desk!” he yelled, and continued,” I don’t understand you! Are you French or Iranian?” the Boss asked while lighted his cigar. Jenna's lips were shaking softly of hate.

“I’m French; I have French passport, and I was born there from Iranian parents.” She said.

“In Iran’s civil codes, any child who is born from an Iranian father is Iranian! So, I don’t understand why you’re trying to say; you’re French?” he said, put his elbows on the table and smiled to her.

“Anyway I am French! You like it or not!” she said.

“Well, you’re beautiful, you’re journalist; you don’t have any Islamic Hejab; you speak rudely, and you claim that you’re not Iranian! I can condemn you at least to six-month prison; I can send you to Evin 350 ward. It’s like a hell for a sweet girl like you.” He laughed out loud. Jenna did not react, just watched him calmly.

“I don’t care what you’re gonna do! If the human rights act is forbidden in the hell called Iran, then do what you want to me! I am from hell!” she said.

The man licked and bit his lips; sounds like he was looking at a delicious food with hungriness.” Are you sure you can tolerate everything?” he said.

“Of course I do! “She replied.

“We will see!” he replied,” let me see your ID cards!” He sifted her hand bag that was on his desk.

Jenna said,” But I told you, I didn’t bring my passport! It’s in the hotel”

“But your boyfriend hasn’t shown up yet!” he said.

“You captured my cell, turned it off, and didn’t let me to call him back. He doesn’t have the address!” she said desperately.

“Then, he is your boyfriend?” he asked.

“No, he’s my co-worker!” she stormed.

“I like angry people like you! I’m in love with them! I hope someday you feel the fear of execution time, and then you will learn to ingest your tongue! Of course, so it will be so late!” He giggled.

“Well, I hope so!” she smirked.

“I will let you go, but first you should write a disclaimer that you won’t continue your job here and will be back to France soon! And I will seize your Journalism Card!” he said.

“Why should I do that? I won’t write anything, and you can’t seize my card. It’s my job!” she said.

“You want to go to prison right? If yes, let me call the soldier.” He said and stood up. Jenna jumped, grabbed his pen and started to write and finally forged the pen on the table.

“Now, may I go?” she said and brought her hands up. He smiled and opened her handcuffs.

“Yeah, you may go, but we will meet soon!” he whispered. Jenna rubbed her wrists, took her bag and turned her face and walked to the door. She could feel a heavy look from behind, her spine prickled.

Scene 24

         City fell in a horrendous calmness; overcast streets were lit by high orange street lamps which barely light surrounding, and all the buildings were like huge tombstones, dark, tall and scary. Jenna entered the hotel lobby, was almost hypnotic as she was weary.

“Jenna?” Alex ran to her.

“Alex? It’s almost mid –night! You’re still here?” she said.

“Are you ok? Do you know how much I was worried? I thought I would never see you again.” He said.

Jenna rubbed her eyes. “I’m tired Alex. We’ll talk tomorrow.” She said as a smile pasted to her face and walked to the stairway. Alex waited in the corridor; it was almost noon when Jenna opened her room door and saw him in white sport clothes.

“Are you gonna to the gym?” she asked and locked the door.

“No, I needed some sporty feeling!” he replied and winked,” we should have breakfast somewhere else! As you know, there’s no breakfast now.”

“I know but why you didn’t have yours?” she asked.

“I didn’t wanna have it all alone! No one understands what I’m saying here.” He said.

“So, you need a translator, right?” she laughed.

“Somehow. Well, what are you gonna do today?” he asked.

“I’m not sure. I don’t have anything to do since yesterday. I’m really worried about those ladies. I’m not sure they are ok.” She said with sadness in her voice.

“What did happen?” he asked.

“Police crashed into the office, arrested everybody without any reasons, and send us to the police station cell. They took those ladies after 15 min but I stayed in cell until mid-night. It was horrible. I don’t wanna remember it.” She said.

“So, they are released.” He said.

“I’m not sure. I called the office several times, but no one answered. I even called their personal numbers, but still no answer. I hope they are ok.” She said.

Alex hugged her with his right hand and kissed her forehead. “Let’s go out. Forget about everything and let’s have fun, ok? We can visit a Palace.” He said.

“Don’t try to cheer me up! I really can’t forget them. They are innocent.” She said and pushed him slowly.

“Well, I understand your feeling. However, I wanna help you. So trust me, ok? We will go to Niavaran Palace, as we wanted to visit it last week.” He said and grabbed her hand.

“Last week? How long are we staying here?” she asked.

“It will be two weeks in two days.” He said, “Come on gurl! Don’t cry over the split milk! Let’s see where your majesty used to live.”

“Niavarān Palace Complex situated in the northern part of Tehran, consists of several buildings and a museum. The Sahebqraniyeh Palace, from the time of Naser al-Din Shah of Qajar dynasty, was also inside this complex. The foremost Niavaran Palace, completed in 1968, was the primary residence of the last Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and the Imperial family until the Iranian Revolution. The main palace was designed by the Iranian architect Mohsen Foroughi. The Niavarān Palace Complex traces its origin to a garden in Niavaran that was used by Nasir al-Din Shah as a summer residence. The palace erected by Nasir al-Din Shah in this garden was originally referred to as The Niavarān Palace and was later renamed The Sahebqraniyeh Palace. During the reign of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, all the peripheral buildings of The Sahebqraniyeh Palace, except for The Ahmad-Shahi Pavilion (or Kushk-e Ahmad-Shahi), were demolished and the buildings and the structures of the present-day Niavarān Palace Complex were built to the north of The Sahebqraniyeh Palace. In this period, The Ahmad-Shahi Pavilion served as an exhibition area of the presents of the world leaders to Iran.” The Palace tour guide was explaining.

“She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” Alex whispered in Jenna’s ear.

“Instead of learning about a historical period, you’re ogling?” she said.

“It’s not my fault. All the Iranian girls are damn hot!” he said.

“Well, then find a wife and take her to France! What are you waiting for?” she said.

“I found someone!” he said.

“Count me out Alex! “She said.

“You’re slow on the draw! I’m not talking about you! I met a girl yesterday!” he said.

Jenna looked at his cheerful face. “Like fun!” she said.

“No, I really met someone! She has mysterious Arabic eyes; she is kind, and she is beautiful. “He said.

“I can’t believe it. I should meet that unlucky girl! You can’t fall in love with a girl you just met yesterday!” she said.

“You’re jealous, aren’t you?” he giggled.

“No way! I AM happy! It’s good to know I get rid of you!” she said,” So, what’s her name?”

“Name? I don’t know yet! No! Wait! I really meet someone but, actually; I don’t know anything about her. I even don’t know if she’s single or not. She can’t speak English at all. Then I need you to help me, ok?” he asked.

“You’re crazy! You’re just wanna play another game, right?” she said.

“No, I really fell in love at the first sight! She was like Arabic nights, like Persian carpets, like a historical mystery. I should meet her again, will you help me?” he asked.

“I have to! I think.” She said,” but it’s not rational for your age! You’re in 30s, and you’re talking about a sudden love at the first sight?!” She laughed.

“Come on! Don’t make fun of me. It happened all of a sudden. Believe me. I was running away from police that she helped me by inviting me to go to her apartment. Then you’ve called, and I didn’t understand how I got out of that apartment and ran from those police again. I should go to her place and thanks her!” he explained.

“You’re making a journalistic story, right?” she said.

“Why don’t you believe me? I really fell for her. It’s not just sex! I know! If it was, you were the best sex partner ever! I like to know more about her!” he said.

“Shut up! You’re stupid Al. close your jaw, and I want to continue my Palace tour!” she said, and tried to listen carefully to what the leader was talking about, but she could not concentrate at all. She felt something in her here, a gap; something which annoyed her. If Alex were really in love, then what she's going to do after that? If Alex got married, who can be her partner in all life aspects? “I’m not in love with Alex! I can’t be! He’s a free man, and I can’t chain him to be only my sex partner till he dies!" she thought, but she was almost upset. He was the best friend and sex partner she has ever had, but was it all she needs? “Maybe I should find someone to love! I’m really alone!” she thought.

“What are you thinking about? You’re frowning!” Alex murmured.

Jenna raised her shoulders. “I am worried Alex.” She said.

“Don’t worry about anything babe. The only thing made you to come to Iran was your father. We should find him soon.” He said and held her hand tightly.

“Yeah. You’re right!” the warmth of his hand calmed her down.

In the way back, Jenna felt sick, nausea and her stomach was not in a good condition. The Pahlavi Street which started from Tajrish area was in a heavy traffic jam, and people, mostly youngsters, were screaming, laughing, showing a victory sign by their hands, dancing and having fun. The sound of music could be heard easily from car to car, like it was a carnival of happiness, everybody dressed to kill, makeup, green pieces of clothes, girls and boys were dancing.

“I think it’s the most fun movement throughout world!” Alex said.

Jenna shook her head,” they don’t know about the reality soul of this movement! They just want to have fun and joke about that. They don’t know what’s happening in the backstage!” she said.

“Lack of fun, happiness and places to dance, drink and so on made them to make the most horrifying facts to jokes. It’s not their fault. It’s what the government wants. To make all these Pinocchio to donkeys!” he explained.

“Exactly!” she said,” same as the people who started the Islamic revolution, they had fun, but they want free oil money, which comes to their doors without any work! The Islamic leaders of Iran know well how to fool people easily. They are the puppets of Mullahs!”

“Yeah, pity for them! All the historical revolutions happened to change bad to good, but here is always vice versa! Change goodness to the worst!” he said,”ok, forget them! You said you wanna go to your grandfather’s place again?” he asked.

“Yeah, I decide to go in the midnight to be able go inside.” She said.

“It’s dangerous! If someone sees you and calls the police, what you’re gonna do, then?” he said.

“I don’t care. I’m sure there’s something in that house! There’s a trace of my father.” She said.

“That’s ok! I promised you to be with you in this trip, then I will be!” he said.

“Thanks anyway!” she put her head on his shoulder.

Scene 25

The midnight time, darkness and abnormal silence made anybody feel uncomfortable; the streets were suddenly fallen into sleep, and you just could hear the sound of car’s tires moves fast on the asphalts of the streets. The lane was completely dark, and the street lamp was blown out meanwhile moonlight barely could light surrounding, and only the car’s head lights helped Alex and Jenna to see the brick walls and the brown door of her grandfather’s house. Jenna investigated the wall; she found the loosen brick and said,” Here, help me to go up!”

Alex held her waist and helped her to move up,” it’s dangerous. Let me go inside jackass!”

“Shut up Al! We agreed about it!” she said and grabbed the top edge of the wall, and Alex pushed her shoe palm up. She sat on the wall, felt like a poor burglar, barely could see the inside yard. She wanted to jump slowly, but a dry hard branch torn her Jean and scratched her leg; hence, she lost her control; fell down on the mosaic of the yard and her elbow hit the floor, and a bang ache caused her to groan. Alex was walking along the lane and was unable to hear her; the driver was smoking and put his head on the steering wheel. Jenna stood up; the yard was as dark as a tomb hole, thus she turned on her cell phone and the dim light of it lit her close outskirts. She started to walk; the image of the full moon was waving in a small fish pool in the middle of the yard and reflected on the glass of the door. She used it as a guide, walked carefully to the door. She could hear the sound of loosen mosaic under her feet, like the sound of tombstone moving on the other,” why I am thinking about the graveyard?" she thought and tried to keep calm. She has never scared of darkness, has had no phobia, but she always felt bad about abnormal silence, when you can hear nothing but your own breathing. 

She touched the door, tried to find how it could be open, brought up her cell phone and searched the door. She found a lock and pushed it,” Damn! It doesn’t work!” she whispered. She pulled the door handle several times, but it was locked from the other side. The glass parts of the door were covered with lace curtains from inside, so she was incapable to see well the interior of the room. She put her forehead on the glass, and her hands to cover the dim light and watched carefully. “I can’t see anything! Duh!” she thought.

She pushed a bottom on her cell and put it on the glass; she could see nothing but her own eyes. She tried to concentrate more; a dog was barking from a far distance. Suddenly, she thought she saw a movement, a piece of darkness that moved slowly; she narrowed her eye lids, and she suddenly saw two shiny eyes staring at her. She was whey-faced; her mouth got dry and her heart beat faster. She jumped to the rear, scared to death; fell on her back and tried to move backward by pushing her feet heel on the mosaic. She could see a tall dark body behind the glass door, hardly stood up and run to the street door. She avoided looking back; she could hear the sound of the door was unlocked. She hit to the brown warm street door with head, tried to find its lock by touching, but it was locked; she tried repeatedly.

“What the hell is happening Jenna? Are you ok?” Alex shouted from the other side.

Jenna ran to the wall next to the door, grabbed a tree branch and hardly lifted herself up to the wall. She felt someone walking behind her but never had the courage to turn back and see. Alex saw her and jumped to grab her hands. The one was walking to her; she put her feet on the branch and pushed herself on the wall, and Alex pulled her hands. They both fell down, Jenna on Alex,” Shit! My back! My stomach! What the – “he sneered.

“Someone –“she stammered,” just – let’s go” she stood, pulled his arm and ran to the car. They both jumped inside,” Go go go!” she shouted. The driver started the engine, accelerate and the car’s tires started to move with a screaming voice.

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