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Based off a dream, but it's a work in progrsss.
The phone rang three times as if it were some kind of sign. She slipped out of the bottom of her bed and threw on the old sneakers in the hallway. She cracked open the door, peered behind her and then in front in case there was someone else awake. Realizing she was safe she walked out the door and into the next hallway and skipped towards the elevator. The elevator left she standing in a grand lobby with a marble fountain and marble floors, in her sweatshirt, faded jeans, and old sneakers she stood out in such an elegant place. After leaving the building she made her way to the next block and sat down on the only bench around and waited. Suddenly she felt finger tips on her face and palms covering her eyes.

“Hi Emilie,” she whispered now breathless. Emilie moved around to sit next to her on the bench. Instantly their hands clasped together they both squeezed letting the other know they were there. Emilie stood up and Sara did the same, nonchalantly surveying the area they started walking. They walked in silence for a few blocks till they reached Central Park. Even then they couldn’t speak, it was so rare to get a moment alone or moments alone like this. Sometimes they risked it and they’d kiss while they were in each other’s rooms’ but their parents never let them be. Their fathers were rival lawyers and now competing politicians and their families did not approve of the two spending time together. As they walked through Central Park not only holding hands but clinging to each other Sara leaned for a kiss she couldn’t put it off any longer and as their lips touched they heard shouting. Emilie’s father was running across the dewy green grass towards the two girls. He grabbed both by the arm like two small children and dragged them to the town car waiting on a nearby street. The car stopped in the middle of the street in between their apartment buildings as Sara got out Emilie’s father followed, a news crew in front of the building, he willingly and gladly approached them Sara’s arm still firmly grasped in his hand, Emilie being dragged into her building by the town car driver.

“Tonight I found this girl coming on to my daughter! Pushing herself on my daughter! My rival politician’s daughter was trying to corrupt my daughter, trying to kiss her and lead her away from our home!” With that Sara’s father’s campaign was ruined. A staff member from the building pulled Sara away and shielded her from the news crews as Sara’s father came outside and gave his own statement, “It’s just a bit of teenage rebellion, lashing out because she is getting no attention with my campaign going on. This does not reflect my campaign or what I stand for.”

Sara sat on her bed, she had not been told she was grounded, her computer still sat on her desk and her cell phone was still in her jean pocket. She wasn’t grounded but she knew she wasn’t home anymore. She walked in and campaign members, her mother, other family members sat at the large round dining room table but there was no room for her, and even though it was August the house felt cold and unfamiliar. Was she not allowed to see Emilie anymore? Could she survive without Emilie? She made her way to her bathroom and started to stare at the girl who was looking back at her in the mirror. Her brown curly hair was in the messy braid; mascara had run down her cheeks and stained her chin. She stripped down to her bra and panties, the black lace contrasted against her tan summer skin, noticing the scars that covered her thighs, stomach, and wrists. She hadn’t wanted to cut since this relationship started between her and Emilie but tonight she couldn’t help but crave it.

Emilie sat on the sofa in the living room, the living room meant for special occasions, meetings, and serious talks. Her parents hovered over her; she pulled her NYU sweatshirt tighter around her body. They kept opening their mouths but they couldn’t find the words.

“What if it wasn’t me who caught you? What were you thinking? Are you trying to ruin my career, our lives?” His nostrils flared with anger, he watched his daughter twist her nose ring and fidget with the piercing that stuck out of the bottom of her lip. “Are you listening? Do you even care Emilie?” He couldn’t believe his daughter lack of emotions. She stood up but right before leaving the room she turned to her angry father and upset mother, she voice was barely a whisper but the apartment was so quite they could have heard a pin drop.

“I. AM. GAY,” both her parents’ faces twisted like she was torturing them. They started saying something but her back was turned and she was already heading to her bedroom. She didn’t need this. She was twenty and could leave when she pleased … So why didn’t she? Her eyes ran over her room deciding what things she needed and didn’t need. She knew this was impulsive but this was the best impulsive idea she has ever had. All she needed to do was find a way to get Sara to come with her. But before she could think of a plan she was lying in bed she eyes fluttering with sleep, she didn’t realize how exhausted she really was. Before she fell asleep her phone beeped, Sara’s face appeared on the screen, it was a video, and she clicked play and heard sobbing that made her eyes fill with tears. Sara was apologizing and apologizing over and over and over but at the end of the video breathless and tired from sobbing and saying she was sorry and her eyes became intense as she told Emilie she loved her. Finally as Emilie drifted to sleep she knew she would not have a problem getting Sara to run away with her.

Sara woke up the next morning, dressed for her first day of school her first day as an openly bisexual seventeen year old. News crews still scattered the front of the apartment steps. Years of sneaking in and out taught her that the service exit and entrance was the perfect escape. As she weaved into alleys making her way to her high school and she couldn’t help but wonder if anything would be different. First day of senior year wasn’t looking too good. Yes some of the kids were rebel liberal kids with secret tattoos who snuck out late at night who wouldn’t care but other’s aspired to be like their conservative uptight parents, and she was afraid of their stares the most. No more than two minutes in homeroom and she felt someone glaring. Turning around to find Jared a boy with jet black hair and piercing gray eyes staring at her, he sneered and turned up his nose. Apparently in his mind though his family wasn’t richer he was still better because he didn’t have indecent thoughts about the same sex. As more and more people crowded in to homeroom she felt as if the walls were closing in and she was being pressed together. The cells in her body needed room to breathe; swiftly she grabbed her bag and jogged out of the classroom and out of the building. Left standing on a busy street, she maneuvered herself between the endless cars and cabs searching for green space where she could imagine and dream and write. She stood outside Central Park, did she dare enter? She figured she could go to the zoo write about the animals and the small children that littered the park. She dropped her bag beside an empty stone bench and began to write. It was warm and sticky, the humid air made her hair frizz more as the minutes went by. Two little kids shouted and ran in opposite directions giggling. Their laughter flowed through the air and mixed with the warm air. The smell of popcorn, ice cream, and sugary soda was also in the air. A boy around her age sat down next to her. She could feel his eyes scanning her body. She decided to not pay any mind to him instead she put down her pen and closed her eyes. Tears yet again started running down her face but she didn’t sob no sound escaped her lips. In her mind she saw her and Emilie spread out on her bed the tv playing in the background, they just stared at each other. Their homework surrounded them but they could never focus on it. Sara’s body ached wanting to kiss Emilie and she’d give in. They jump back whenever they heard the slightest noise, sometimes they’d fall off the bed and erupt in giggles alerting their parents to come and check on them. It was so difficult to keep their hands off each other. They just wanted to touch, to hold hands, to run their fingers over each other’s thighs, and down each other’s spines.

Emilie sat in the library starring at her phone. She needed someone she could just relax and escape from all the stress of a new school year and more drama. As if it wasn’t any worse her phone started ringing, by the time she found it in her bag the entire silence library was giving her dirty looks. She opened a text from her friend Alyssa; it was a New York news link. She watched the video as Sara’s dad had just outted her publicly. She hand covered her shocked expression as she ran for the exit. It seemed like the entire campus was receiving the link too. She flagged down a cab she wanted sugary food and peace. She timidly walked into the zoo and headed for a popcorn cart. Filling her arms with as much buttery popcorn and soda she could buy she found herself a shady between near the elephants and began to feast. She wondered how Sara was surviving her first day, was Sara as miserable and lonely as she felt?

Sara tentatively opened her eyes and was brought right back to reality. A group of small children were staring back at her she smiled politely back at them and got her stuff to leave. Whenever she went to the zoo she’d find herself staring at the elephants. She was behind the elephant exhibit when she noticed Emilie sitting on a bench eating popcorn and staring at the animals. Paralyzed she couldn’t decide what to do, without thinking she snuck up behind the bench and placed her hands over Emilie’s eyes. Emilie jerked forward from the unfamiliar touch turned her head and realized it was Sara.

Emilie pushed herself up from the bench and grabbed Sara’s arm and lend her into a patch of trees with a small circle perfectly in the middle of them. Sara grabbed Emilie’s belt loops and pulled her closer so that no air could flow in between their bodies; Emilie’s hands reached up and brought Sara’s face closer. In that moment no one else existed, New York City was empty and deserted. It was just the two of them, in their small forest away from the concrete and glass buildings and smog from the heart and traffic. The moment was much too short; a group of thirteen year olds run and skated by the trees breaking the serenity over the two.

Emilie sensing the end to another alone moment couldn’t help but let her thoughts wanders, and before she knew it she was blurting out her plan.

“Last night I was thinking I’m twenty and nothing is keeping me here besides you, I know you’re so in love with the city and the lights and the noise. But I couldn’t help but imagining running away. I mean it won’t stop being from glaring or turning up their noses and voicing their opinions but it will get us away.” She inhaled feeling as if she had no more breath in her. Sara’s eyes began to glisten she couldn’t help but cry. She had never felt more wanted and loved then when she was with Emilie. Emilie knew just what to say and what to do; she somehow had all the answers. Sara picked up Emilie’s hand and kissed it gently. She removed her cell phone from her pocket and started dialing numbers. Emilie didn’t think now was the time to be making phone calls but she didn’t stop Sara. Sara began talking her voice was serious and urgent her lips pursued together and then in a pout as quick as it began the call ended and she kissed Emilie’s cheek and climbed back out into the real world. Manhattan greeted them but they didn’t feel welcome as they exited the park from different entrances, Emilie flagged another cab and Sara walked home.

Sara packed furiously; she grabbed her phone and texted Emilie “light, summery, bright, sandy shores.” The lawyer knocked on her door with the papers; they both went to go find her parents in the large penthouse apartment.

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