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An exploration of reality, as it relates to self actualization.
Real what is real?

Sight is the optical nerves interpretation of surroundings.

Is a noise real if you can't find the source?

What if no source exists for sight or sound, but something is seen or heard? Does it exist?

Is an emotion false if it has no reason to exist?

The answer seems to be no, it can not be real, not sight nor sound nor emotion.

Reality must be agreed upon, the status quo, for sight, sound, and emotion.

I live in a reality with out the status quo.

I feel things that make no sense.

I see things that don't exist.

I hear people call my name that do not stand before me.

I live in a non-reality.

If I live in a non-reality I am not where any one can find me.

If no one can find me, then reality can not be based on my bulk.

Only the perception of me.

Thus I am not real.

My existence is a farce.

Proof that I do not exist.

Why then do I have a sense of self?

I am a "will" lost in the world of reality, looking for proof, some thing solid!

A being, searching for the possibility.

To reach, from out side reality, into the status quo, and find solid ground.

A foot hold, where I fit in and exist.
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