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A Pilot Outline for Fox Network
        "How can you eat sweat peas?" an O.P.C.E officer remarks.
  "Mine your own business. Where are we?" Jasper's partner fingers an ipad.
  "Oh, somewhere over Boston. See anything suspicious?" Jasper queries as
  the helicopter circles. It's another day in the O.P.C.E. "Nope. Just good folks,
  in a traffic jam." Ottilie chirps back.

          These dedicated observational police commerce enforcers are always
  on watch for subversives and commies. "Woah! Is that a protest?" Jasper puts
  the spoon in his can of sweat peas down. Ottilie swings the helicopter about
  to get a closer look. "I hate protesters!" Jasper adjusts his tear gas cannons.
  "Nah. There just having a outdoor concert." Ottilie sighs. "They look like hippies!"
  Jasper drops the tear gas. The helicopter speeds away as the concert is gassed.

          "This is so.. boring. Let's go over Harvard and gas some intellectuals."
    Jasper yawns and continues spooning sweat peas into his mouth. Ottilie laughs.
    "I know..I know.. we need a reason, like they look suspicious." Jasper smirks.
    "I want to do some arrests. Why can't we arrest someone?" Ottilie pouts..
    "We're in a two seater .. where are we going to put the terrorists?" Jasper is
    speaking with his mouth full. Ottilie noise dives the chopper over some low income
    housing. "Jeeze! Take it easy! We have to wait until they come outside." Jasper
    shrieks. "Oh? I thought we could raid without a warrant?" Ottilie raised an
    eyebrow. Jasper sighs, "That's only for ground police."

          "Pissah!" Ottilie cusses. "Hey! Give me a shot over there!" Jasper points
    at a couple of teenagers skateboarding .. Ottilie spins the chopper around and
    Jasper gasses them. "Yeah! They could have been terrorist." he spoons some
    more peas. "I'm running low. Let's head back." Ottilie pilots towards the nearest
    concentration camp of subversives. At the camp Jasper amuses himself with
    a few detainees .. They are attractive prostitutes, who were liberal coeds.
    "Jasper. When are you going to settle down?" Ottilie is jealous. Jasper smiles,
    "When every citizen is a Republican."

    Potential market: 30-50 year old middle aged Rush Limbaugh couch potatoes.
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