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This is my version of Shakesphere's King Lear , it is transported to Feudal Japan
A quiet dust settled onto the plain mountains of Ikzuo. A man dressed in kimono drawed his bow as band of his loyal servants followed him. The Kimono was a garment that was worn by all the people of Ikuzo Empire, except this Kimono shone white in front of the sun. Lord Motonari had a great white beard with distinct eyes. His nose resembled those of his ancestors, a sharp intelligent look.

Since the age of 17, he had made his clan, the Shunten Dynasty , to become the overall ruler of the vast lands of Ikzuo. He had killed, burned, and slaughtered people for his domains. At the age of 70, he was now no longer the stout young lad he was.

Lord Motonari pulled his bowstring further and further away. His back was lopsided as he saw the boar running away from his hunting group. Time, that was all it needed. He let it go from his hands, and the arrow leapt out of his reach with a powerful move as the bowstring jumped in the air, swinging sideways.

The arrow plunged the boar into the ground with tremendous force. The Boar screamed in pain as the arrow cut its heart in half making fall down suddenly to the ground with a hard thud.
The Camp.

The Banners of the Shunten Dynasty were put up. Massive tents surrounded Lord Motonari as he sat in front of his three sons , and his two vassals. He sat in the front, while his subjects sat straight beside him.

He nodded, a young man with womanly features appeared. He was the royal fool as everyone called him; he cracked jokes, made jokes, and insulted people for fun. His name was Akeri.

'' I see, there are two fools in front of us. The first says to the second one, '' Would you like some soup? '' The second replies, '' Soup? Is that your son you want me to eat? '' And then the first fool becomes agitated.'' By God, do you know what a soup is? '' Only the second fool replied then and there '' I don't know what a soup, all I know its comes from Human waste. ''

Everyone laughed, except Motonari, who only eyed him and sighed in tiredness. Not even Akeri could make him laugh now. He was just an old boar with a stinking carcass.

He nodded and made a sound. Akeri bowed and left.
His three sons, Jon, Hamirutan ,Katsuobushi bowed in front of their father as they knew he would begin to speak.

'' Father, did Akeri not make you laugh? '' asked Jon, the eldest.
'' I have no need. I'm just a stinking old animal like the boar. '' He replied huskily.

'' And no, his joke did not make any sense whatsoever. Why did I ever bring him to this court... '' he wheezed as he spoke.

'' My Lord, even we are the same as you. '' replied Lord Fukijawa and Lord Hido. They had been the vassals and loyal allies to the Shunten clan and helped the young lord during his conquests.

'' Maybe. '' He replied.

'' Though, I have been thinking for finding my son's daughters. Though, Jon is already married, Hamirutan also, but not a wife for Katsuobushi. I fear he may not have one. ''

'' Do not worry, Lord Motonari. I have daughters ready to marry Katsuobushi. ''

'' I too, Lord Motonari. '' Lord Hido offered.

Lord Motonari leaned on his stick. His eyes squinted in tiredness , despite everything going on around him, he was dying day and night.

Soon Motonari was asleep. Hamuritan noticed at the first glance. '' Father is ill! ''

'' No he isn't Hamuritan. '' Jon replied.

'' He's asleep, let him do so. '' Katsuobushi interjected.

'' After your insult at Father, I don't think he would give much interest to you, Katsuobushi. '' Jon replied bitterly.

Motonari's opened and he went stumbling across the ground. His three sons picked him up before he could fall anymore.

'' I... I ... saw... '' Motonari stuttered.

'' What did you see Father? '' asked Jon.

'' I saw all the.... enemies.... that I slaughtered... all in one army..... to come and kill me. ''

Motonari looked around him. '' Get off me! '' he ordered and rose up to his full height.

'' Call a meeting. I have something important to discuss. ''

The Meeting.

Lord Motonari was seated at the front of his subjects. His three sons and the two lords were parallel to him. A crowd of servants and guards were posted around the small party.

'' There, there , it was that castle I was born in. '' Motonari began , pointing his arm to the first castle, miles away, but it could be seen by the naked eye.

'' And from there I made my empire. Then as I went on, soon all the three most powerful castles all belonged to me. ''

'' I have been thinking about this for a long time now. I have decided, on the eve of my 70th birthday. I shall split the Empire. Jon will receive the first castle, from there I will visit him often. Hamuritan shall take the second castle, this they say, was the most castle to besiege too. And Katsuoboshi shall take the final castle. From there I will visit you often. ''

'' All the power will now go to my eldest son Jon. He will be the leader of the Shunten dynasty. I expect all to follow him. If our rivals want to come us, three unified shall be better than one leader. ''

'' Forgive me, Father, But I cannot lead the clan at this time. I am not yet ready. '' Jon objected.

'' To prove my point, Jon. ''

He nodded his head and a servant passed him a bundle of arrows. Motonari picked each arrow with trained hands. He took three of them out. And gave it to his first son, Jon.

'' Now try breaking it. '' He ordered.

Jon tried to break the three arrows with his hands. As he tried to break it with his hands paining on the sharp wood of the arrow. It did not budge. He gave up and gave the arrows to Hamirutan.

Hamirutan did not even manage to break it.

'' Now, you see what I mean? Three arrows are better than one. '' Motonari smiled.

As Hamirutan passed it, Katsuoboshi grabbed the arrows out of his hands and broke them on his leg's knee.

As Hamirutan passed it, Katsuoboshi grabbed the arrows out of his hands and broke them on his leg's knee.

'' Katsuoboshi! '' Motonari shouted.

'' Father, even three arrows can be broken. Jon is not ready at all to lead the Clan, Humritan is a weakling. You acheived power through war and bloodshed, through betrayel you did so. Yet, you expect us, your sons to be loyal to you. ''

'' Katsuoboshi, you go to far. '' Motonari's voice became harder.

'' It is true, Katsuo, as we know him has always been jealous of us. '' Jon said.

'' He has always wanted plans on the throne. '' Hamuritan declared.

'' Far, I may go far, but three are not invincible! You must see the logi -''

'' Enough of your insolence! '' Motonari barked.

'' Forgive me ,My Lord! Katsuoboshi does not mean to offend you. '' His loyal bodyguard Takusho and vassal to Katsuoboshi bowed in front of the Great Lord.

'' He means everything! Do you not know of treachery when you see it? ''

'' He is merely critizing your plan. '' Takusho objected.

'' Three are better than one! Moreover, I shall prove it so. ''

He turned with his head on fire, bursting with rage at Katsouboshi.

'' I have spoiled you too much! Ever since your mother died, and did she spoil you! You are too aggorant , young lad. Respect your elders for once. Look at Humirtuan and Jon. Both respectable and worthy leaders of the Clan, they look out for our dynasty. And you? Pah! A disgrace , a disgrace to my heritage. ''

'' Father! '' Katsuoboshi bridled at the sight of his father iridizing him.

'' My Lord, think of what you are doing! '' Takusho interjected in.

'' Enough! I will have order here. I am the ruler. '' He spoke in a rougher tone.

'' Therefore, I cut all bonds with Katsuoboshi. I shall no longer speak to him. He is no longer my son. In addition, I will never hear of him again. ''

'' Lord Motonari, you are going too far! Banishing your only son will prove disastrous for the dynasty. '' Takusho objected once more.

Motonari sat down on his seat.

'' I have spoken. He will be banished! ''

Takusho bowed once more and Katsuoboshi looked once last time at his father. Then he left with Takusho following behind him.

They both got on their horses.

'' You will not serve Father? '' Katsuoboshi asked as he leapt on to the saddle.

'' No , my Lord, I will serve you. Your father thinks you are threatening him. ''
Katsuoboshi smiled

'' You were always a true friend too me. ''

With that, they snapped their reins and rode forward into the mountains.

Takusho looked behind him as they rode on and saw the Emperor’s men advancing at them.

‘’ Forward, Lord Katsuoboshi! They seem to have sent the men! ‘’ He shouted and they went on. The band of the following group did not give up until they reached the end of the cliff.

Katsuoboshi and Takusho got off their horses, only to see Lord Hida coming in front of them.

Katsuoboshi and Takusho got off their horses, only to see Lord Hida coming in front of them.

Katsuoboshi and Takusho got off their horses, only to see Lord Hida coming in front of them.

'' Lord Hida? '' Katsuoboshi asked.

Hida smiled.

'' Yes, it is me. Never before have I seen such valour against the Emperor. I am impressed, and I think you would make a loyal son. ''

'' A loyal son? '' Katsuoboshi asked sadly. '' I wouldn't even make anything. ''

'' Do not worry, son. '' Hida patted him.

'' I will help you. ''

'' I have my daughter, very beautiful, and I ask you that you two marry. ''

'' In that case , I accept. ‘’
‘’ And you, Takasho. You are very brave to stand in front of him; I will need someone like you to be in my family.
‘’ Unfortunaly, I must refuse. The Great Lord Motonari needs my help at this moment. I am sorry, but I have to go. ‘’
Takusho bowed and leapt on his horse and snapped the reins. He sped off into the distance.

Lord Jon rode his horse into the first castle. He wore a jinbo coat, that is, a plain coat stretched out in bright colours. His was the yellow. His mon was the complex diamond circle shape with white and blue colours. A battalion of his most loyal Samurai followed him.

The castle was a massive complex made up of several enceintes. Everywhere where little forts with guards on the parole. Surrounded by moats, it lay on a small island. Each of the castle's roofs and floors were rectangular in shape, causing a roof hat shaped ceiling. Acess from one enceinte to the other was guarded. Each gate was put in place so if the enemy tired to besiege it, it would trap them. That was what the Japanese had intended, to make their castles a trap for the enemy.

It was long and paralel. The walls were of a massive extent with pebbles crushed with other rock had long been cemented and been put in to support the castle. It was over two , three feet to be long. The roofs in which the defenders would fire their arrows was shaped in a rectangliar view.

But these castle's were vast. And each of them had a pond, a lake, the market area and the Palace from where the nobility would regin from there. It would be impossiable to describe all of it, but this was what the castle looked like.

The people and peasents of the Shunten Clan now bowed to Lord Jon as he held one hand with his regin and on the other a sword. His samurai carried their spears and swords.

The gates opened as the samurai guards shouted orders. They were not wearing full armour. However, they had bald heads except for a clean shaven band of hair surrounding the head.

Lord Jon halted and the men behind him stopped. He got off his horse and went into the main palace.

Lord Jon halted and the men behind him stopped. He got off his horse and went into the main palace.

He walked into the main complex of the castle and entered the room. Lady Kaede was sitting cross legged on the mat. Jon smiled and sat down. Her face was heavily made up. Her eyebrows were very dark and her eyes squint.

'' My Lord, it is a pleasure to see you being the head of the clan now that Lord Motonari has abdicated. '' Kaede said.

'' Abdicated? He hasn't abdicated , Kaede. '' Jon replied.

'' Though isn't your father leaving the first castle? ''

'' Yes, yes, He will leave and retire to his quiet palace in the mountains. Funny, I never knew why I would ever go there. ''

'' Though your Father has forbade it, remeber? ''

'' Yes..yes... '' Jon arched his arm on his chin.

'' You should take full control of the clan, Jon, as your wife, I expect you too take it. Your father made you head of the clan, and you will lead them. ''

'' But he has split them into three castles. The power still lies with Haumritan and Katsuoboshi, even if he is banished. ''

'' Well I hated him! He killed my family and banished them! Leaving me as the only survivor. Motonari killed my father, my mother, everyone dear too me. If you won't take control of the clan... who will? I am glad he has abdicated.! ''

'' You there! Come over here! '' shouted Jon's guard. Akeri was running away and teasing him as he passed the market.

'' Hey, Yoko, come here and chase the rabbit! '' Akeri shouted.

'' For the last time, my name is not yoko! It's Bishamonten! '' He replied back , drawing his sword, his followers quickly encircled Akeri.

'' Now die, fool. ''

'' Maybe you will. ''

'' You're gonna regret the day I killed your family once I'm done with you. ''

Bishamonten raised his sword and gripped Akeri's hand.

Then the arrow struck him on the back of the head. He groaned and fell onto the ground, splat , like a fly squashed to the wall.

Everyone looked up to the tower. Lord Motonari had killed Bishamonten.

The First Castle

'' See? Do you see what I mean? '' Lady Kaede shouted at Jon. '' You allow your father to wreck havoc on our empire. Are you not the leader? Are you not the Emperor? ''

Jon blinked and sighed.

'' He is my- ''

'' Father or no father, you must show him what you are.'' she adopted a calmer tone.

'' I am sure he will be impressed. '' She added sweetly.

'' I don't think so. ''

'' Servant! '' Jon shouted.

A servant appeared wearing a kinimo armed with a sword.

'' Good, now write this on the paper. The Great Lord is to be outlawed for killing his own people. He must submit all power to me and too no one else.''

The servant bowed and began writing.

The crowd of the Great Lord's guards laughed as Akeri attempted to climb a rope but couldn't and kept on falling down onto the ground.

Lord Motonari laughed as Akeri slipped on a banana skin landing in a bucket full of hot water. Akeri screamed and was howling in circles.

That same servant who had written the paper whispered into Lord Motonari's ears. Motonari huffed and left the performance.

He walked up to the palace and up the stairs, too where he saw his eldest son and wife conversing.

'' What is the meaning of this?? '' he rasped at him in anger.

'' There is no meaning of this, father. '' Jon replied weakly.

He turned his head to his daughter.

'' And you? Why do you look at me? ''

'' I only intend the best for you, Father-in-law. '' Lady Kaede replied.

He huffed and turned his attention to Jon.

'' Jon, I gave you the power as the leader of the clan. What do you mean by this meeting? Why would you outlaw your own father? ''

'' Father, you yourself had decreed when I was 18, that anyone who killed their own countryman in the Empire would result in death. You have killed, but I am giving you a chance to escape this law. ''

'' But you are the sole heir! You can do what you like! '' Motonari protested.

'' No, Father. I am the Sole Lord of the Empire, I am the Emperor. ''

'' The Emperor? '' Motonari burst out.

'' Yes, Servant, bring me the paper. ''

The Servant appeared and bowed in front of Motonari and gave him the paper. Motonari read the paper and then looked at Jon.

'' You are asking me to renounce my throne?? ''

Jon nodded.

Motonari nodded and then with a ink qill, began to write. He suddenly tore the paper in half and looked at Jon.

'' I will never give up the throne! Never! You do not treat your father is like this! Hamirutan will greet me with open arms. He know's of my true feelings. You do not! '' And he stormed out of the room.

The Second Castle.

Lord Hamirutan sat with his three generals seated in front of him. They were his loyal generals since he had helped his father to crush the last resistance to the Dynasty. The first general, Kuworane was an ardent war veteran seeking glory, his other two friends beside him were Kiro and Hakiegawana.

'' Your Father has abdicated, Lord Humirutan, these turns signify an important event, from where I see it, Lord Jon has carved the Great Lord out of the Empire. You have the chance of becoming the Emperor, the Great Lord. ''

Humirutan smiled. '' My Father never amounted too much anyway. Katsuoboshi was right in one thing, He had taken power through treachery and betrayel. And yet, forcing me to marry Lady Sue, when I didn't want too. He went against my wishes! Now, the power is in our reach. ''

'' Though, there is the possibality of trapping your Father. '' Kiro suggested.

'' Trapping him? ''

'' Yes, he will go to the third castle, Katsuoboshi's loyal servant, Hideyoshi will withdraw from the castle. We send our troops in. The Great Lord will be trapped. ''

'' I hear what you say, Kiro, but what of Jon? ''

'' I will shoot him with a musket. I offer myself. We will trap the castle, besiege it with Lord Jon and then dispose of him.''

Hamuritan smiled.

'' Shall we? Gentlemen, then let us lure him. Let our enemy do the work, and we will reap the benefits of it. ''

The Great Lord wheezed as he climbed the mountain. His personal escort of his loyal bodyguards and concubines, including Akeri. His breath let out short pant's of bad breath, only to disperse into the air.

There, he saw in front of him was the Second Castle. An impregnable castle, it was the most fortified castle in the dynasty, in the Empire. Everywhere were moats, for it lay on a vast island. Little forts had been placed everywhere to protect it.

Motonari smiled, Hamuritan would greet him with open arms. Instead, he would get the exact opposite.

He approached the castle gates, his bodyguard's scurried to him. The Guards posted on the walls shouted in alarm as they saw the imperial sign of the Great Lord, and the gates opened. Only a few of the guards were even there. Motonari felt disgusted. Surely his son should have doubled the number of troops in the castle. He saw them bow and grunted at them.

'' Tell Hamuritan that he should double the guards. '' he said to one of his bodyguards. The Bodyguard nodded with strict discipline and replied '' Hoi! '' .

He walked up to where Lady Iro, the wife of Hamuritan was sitting with her servant, the old woman, Korue. They were basket weaving, pretty much most of the time the woman had to themselves.

'' Lord Motonari! '' the old woman said, as Motonari approached them.

Korue and the old lady bowed in front of him.

'' Don't bow in front of me! '' Motonari barked.

'' My Lord, I did not mean to offend you. '' Korue replied.

'' You see me, yet you hate me. ''

'' I do not hate you. ''

'' Of course you should! I burned your castle! I killed your family. You would dishonour me by not hating. ''

'' Father-in-law, I don't hate you. ''

Motonari grunted.

'' Where is Hamuritan? '' he shouted.

The Guard panted as he ran up the stairs. Hamuritan was in a conference with his generals when he saw him.

'' My Lord, the Great Lord is here! ''

'' So , Father has arrived, Come with me! '' He ordered and rose from his seat.

Motonari walked down the steps to see his guards had been blocked outside by Hamuritan's Gaurds, they had shut the gates, and were preventing them from going inside. Though, they were taking a lot of effort to hold them back.

'' What is the meaning of this?'' Motonari exploded.

'' My Lord, Lord Hamuritan ordered this for your safety! '' the commander told him.

'' My safety? Why, I am the Emperor, I do not need this for safety! Send them in. ''

'' My Lord, I cannot do as you say, It is strictly Lord Hamuritan's order's! ''

'' You fool! How dare you??? How dare you oppose me? '' He shouted in anger and shoved the commander to the floor.

'' Father! '' Hamuritan shouted as he hurried from the stairs.

'' Hamuritan! Look at what this fool is doing. He's preventing my bodguards to enter the castle. ''

'' Actually I did tell him to do so. ''

'' What? ''

Hamuritan bowed his head in shame.

'' I did. ''

'' You too.... Like Jon! '' Motonari realized, Hamuritan was using him as a trap, to be nice to his father, dispose of Jon and then become the Emperor.

Hamuritan said nothing.

'' Fine then! I shall go into the third castle! I will not serve for the minds of fools like you who betray their fathers! You intend to use me! Use me, why by Bishamonten, I am the father, I will be respected! ''

'' Open the gates '' he shouted as he walked to the castle gates. Hamuritan's guards bowed and opened the gates. Then they shut it.

'' Now what, my lord? '' asked Kiro.

'' Now, Kiro, we wait. ''

The Third Castle.

The Third Castle was a very basic fortesses. It was only made of wood and cheap woodpecks which if fired at, could erupt in fire at an instant. It was more insigficant than the first and the second castle.

A battalion of Yari Samurai walked with the man in the front, a court offical. They held their spears high while talking amongst each other. They were walking to the castle after Katsuoboshi's exlie. His troops however had still remained in the castle. Including his most loyal general, Hideyoshi.

They stopped at the gates of the castle.

The Court Offical began nervously, surely, he thought. They should have escaped from the castle.

'' I am here to take this castle under the name of Lord Jon, the Supreme regent of the Shunten Dynasty. I ask that you withdraw! '' he finished.

Not a word was said. Hideyoshi's men looked down upon the small battalion. Only about four or five hundred soliders at the least.

Then a call was heard from the castle. The Gates opened, and Hideyoshi appeared, in his most majestic stance. He was well built, overeaching the average height to over six metres. He wore a jinbo coat, one which was reserved for the higher nobility of the Samurai. It was not a full coat, rather cut in the middle. He did not wear any face armour, but his armour was full of fish scales and his sword gleamed in the distance. He had a great bushy beard and speedy eyes attached onto his face.

The Court offical looked nervously at him, shaking at the sight of Hideyoshi.

'' We will go to Lord Katsuoboshi's castle. There is nothing for us here, you are free to go when we have evacuated the castle. ''

'' Yes.... of course. '' The Court Official nodded, shaking himself to his senses.

'' Hoi! '' Hideyoshi barked. The troops went out of the castle as straight as a regiment. They marched in their thousands. As soon as the last of them left, the Offical's troops entered the castle.

'' We must sit. '' Motonari said in a voice dry of hope. For days, they had entered the villages and had seen no peasants anywhere. All the food had been taken away by them. They had escaped to the mountains. Those fools, he thought. When the Dynasty was weak, it was he that had offered them food, it was he who had protected his people when the warriors and bandits raided them. And this was how he was repayed, shameful, it was absolutely shameful.

His personal escort of his bodyguards and his ministers including concubines hadn't improved any further. They had all suffered under the extreme heat of the Sun.

His Minister, Naga rushed to him. '' My Lord, we must rest for some time. They have escaped to the mountains with their food! ''
'' Don't tell me tha- '' Motonari stopped himself, as the score of bodyguards advanced to him
'' My Lord, they have escaped with the food. We have searched the remaining villages around there and have found nothing, all the food has been taking away by the peasants! '' Offered the first of them.
'' What? Everything? ''
'' Hoi '' The Bodyguard replied.
'' This cannot be! I refuse to accept this... this.... betrayal! ''
Naga, the first minister hurried and whispered into Motonari's ears.
‘‘No! I will not search any longer. We will need a miracle if we are to obtain any food. ''
The sound of hooves clattered the ground. Shattering of earth and roc was overheard. Takusho had arrived with a bundle of food in his bag.
He stopped his horse and leaped down, he hurried straight to Motonari. Everyone's eyes lingered on him.
'' My Lord '' Takusho bowed.
‘‘Takusho! You? How dare you! How dare you come in front of me? You are a traitor, a traitor to the dynasty. What hope do you bring me? Maybe have you come for my ultimate demise? ''
'' My Lord, I do not mean of anything of the sort. I have to come tell you that the reason the villagers have escaped is that Lord Jon has issued a warrant: anyone that helps the Great Lord will meet the punishment of death. ''
‘’ What? Burn the villages! ‘’ He ordered to his bodyguards. They bowed and ran.
‘’ My Lord, please consider what I have to say! ‘’
'' You are speaking rubbish! No son would betray his father like that; you come with lies from your mouth. '' Motonari cursed.
'' No, I do not lie. I have bought food from the escaping peasants. The second thing is the warrant. ''
'' Show me. ''
Takusho produced a scroll from his kimono. He then took the bag off and opened it, revealing a vast amount of food, bread and fish, sea prawns and other local sea creatures. Motonari grabbed the paper and began scanning it with his laser eyes.
His head shook in anger and he throwed the paper to the ground.
'' My son... My very own son would betray me like this... I cannot believe it. ''
'' My Lord, the peasants have escaped for this very reason, but otherwise they would not do such a thing like this. You are the Great Lord. ''
‘’ Fine, as soon as we are done we will go to the Third Castle. ‘’ Motonari declared.

Tango and Akeri had not followed Motonari to the Third Castle. He was relaxing in the castle when he heard the sound of a bullet and the crashing of an armour onto the wood. He stuttered and looked around. His concubines had hidden themselves behind the wooden boxes. His Bodyguards were already in the action, loading what guns they had.

The sharp and banging sounds were heard outside the castle. They were in the citadel of the castle. Jon and Haumritan stood outside the castle and saw their troops storming into the Third Castle.

'' What is happening?? '' demanded Motonari

'' My Lord, they have besieged the castle, Lord Jon and Hamuritan! ''

'' What do you mean? ''

'' They were- '' the bodyguard never completed his words, for he had been hit in the head by a bullet. Blood sprayed from his head and he collasped to the ground.

'' My Lord, take cover, we will protect you! '' a voice came from the back.

Lord Haumritan was seated on his small chair. His small eyes followed the Yari Samurai, charging and storming into the castle. Their armour were all iron made, and so they were known as the ''Iron Warriors ''. His Father's bodyguards had resisted and pulled his troops back. But the call from his General Kuworane rallied them, and he delivered a massive cavarly attack onto the gates, smashing and trampling the enemy at a instant.

The most powerful part of both Jon and Hamuritan's army were the peasents armed with matchlocks. They had very little armour equipped on them,except for their body armour. They wore large rounded cone hats. And were armed with the mostly deadly weapons, the matchlocks, powerful muskets that could devastate and shatter an entire army at once only with swords.

And they came in large regiments of men. Around 120 of them each, they could kill any strong samurai within seconds. Jon hadn't incorpated any of them to his army. Which gave Hamuritan the overall advantage, but he had never thought of Katsuoboshi having them.

Smoke and colours of grey surrounded the place.

'' Send the matchlock. '' he said, quitetly. Kiro , who was standing beside him. He nodded and raised the signal.

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