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An essay I wrote called "This I Believe" which I really enjoyed writing!
I believe in the power of music. Beginning with a simple lullaby in the car to put me to sleep, music has influenced and carried me through my life since I was just a baby. My mother would play 103.3 on the radio after a long day or a night drive home. With its soft tones and melodies I was hypnotized into a world of peace called sleep. Today, I am a dancer at mind, heart and body. My passion for dancing did not start somewhere; it just grew stronger as I grew older. These memories are not of me in a studio constructed of cherry hardwood floors and rails that lined mirrors reaching from the floor to the ceiling. I recall to the times in my room when I would perform my own choreographed dances to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” album and “Dark Lady” by Cher. My passion for dancing was not in just moving my body but in responding to the way the music made my body feel like moving.

There were several moments where my emotions bonded with a tune; moments that were invigorating and brought chills throughout my body. I despised and dreaded the every other weekend that I was forced by law to spend away from my home with my father due to my parents’ divorce. Leaving from my mother’s house, my father would pick me up at 6pm, Friday night sharp like a knife in my heart. In his white jeep, the country music blasted as he skids out of the driveway the songs that would play were a sorrow melody, ones of sadness and loss. I would cry softly in the back seat. With my stages of growth music would relate with me so perfectly to the T as if it were telling me “I know exactly how you feel and it’s okay.” These feelings overwhelm me as I dance, I am wrapped up in all emotion evoked in each instrument’s tone and the words of the lyricist; I feel powerful. Yet, I am but a puzzle piece to music’s magical power of emotional connection.

I have learned that music is used to bring power in several aspects of human life. I have been in restaurants and hotels where it’s influenced an enjoyable or uncomfortable atmosphere. I’ve been to churches whose music I’ve seen carries the spirit of its religion through its people. I’ve been to and have seen on television other countries where the music was moderated differently; more or less modest. Most healing methods have always practiced with music including meditation. Recreationally, I use it for activities such as sports for motivation. Many places of luxury have brought me relaxation and enriched my pampered experience. Music is used as self-expression; whether it is written, played by instrument, sung, listened to, and danced to. I believe in the power of music because it influences the choices that I make, the way I feel, the memories I return to and the places I go. The power in the music is the energy that it creates. Self-expression is of true value to me which is strongly derived from music.
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