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What makes things happen
The Downfall of Stars

  Age had no meaning to them. Born out of the turmoil of beginning time, when the universe was just formed, they lit the darkness, displaying the way of progression. Energies untold of were theirs to play with, and play with them they did. Combining, splitting, searing apart elements into unrecognizable chunks, creating frequencies of low hums to gamma rays which spilled out into the vast darkness that preceded before them.

    A thousand years pass during which incredible temperatures were achieved. As the temperatures began cooling to a point, it allowed the energy to form into suns. These stars grew in number and size, pulling some into themselves, flinging others to great distances. As time goes by, an accord is reached for a period, and a bright spot forms at the center of this new universe. But, as it is said, nothing lasts forever. Finally, in a desperate attempt to satisfy the attraction drawing them together, the power of a billion suns combine, sending a wave of energy crashing into the void of the universe. A trillion times trillion watts of energy tumble into the darkness, absorbing anything in its path.

  Enormous planets thousands of light years away, boil and explode when the racing energy hits. Suns darken in comparison, and give up their energy as the wave passes over them.
  A million light years have passed now as the wave continues. Now it no longer explodes planets, but still sears the very crust of them, causing any life to end in the dull gray left behind.

  The universe has continued to expand. It now stretches over a billion light years. The rushing energy lights up the sky of unknown habitats, causing suns to glow a thousand times brighter than they could ever achieve on their own.  Absorbed, reflected and dispersed the energy is filling the void, raising the very temperature of the known universe.

  An eon has gone by now, and it has traveled far, forgotten by the very source that had created its beginning.

  Now, after billions of light years of travel, the energy has been dispersed and distributed throughout the universe. It now creates the cosmic noise that fills the skies of planets, just a mere murmur of the incredible power it once possessed. The destination finally achieved, cosmic energy falls on a planet dubbed earth, exciting the electrons within electronic devices, the last of its energy absorbed within their circuits, allowing them to function.

  A man turns on his cell phone, unaware of the cosmic significance that made it happen. 

Rick Light
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