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Peer Pressure is a horrible thing, something too many of us fall victim to.
"Have you done IT?!"

..."I lost it! We really did IT!"


                    Why is it so important for girls to lose it?"

Is it not sacred? Something to be cherished and held? No.. Most girls give it away to the first boy to say those three words, flying on promises of forever, and hopes of a life filled with happiness and children and yes, sex. for the rest of forever, with this one boy, and your his one girl forever. because you gave him IT. Sadly, most girls throw it to a boy who doesn't REALLY love him.. And some don't even REALLY love him. So why give him IT? Something so close, touchy and personal? Because, everyone is doing it. Kids talk about it constantly. You hush up and blush from the parents but around peers, your the SHIIIIII- if you do IT. so its simple right? Get it over with.

                              But what about when the one you really do care about comes along? The one you really do love, the one you want... and wish you had waited and given it to them? Then, you give them your REAL virginity. The one you really truly meant. The one with the real emotional attation, the love you feel. and then.. to him, it was just, IT. you did IT. big deal right? You've both done it before, so why not again? Because this time it was special. It was him, not IT, the time you did it because you really loved him, you wanted it, not just to shut your friends up and say that you too, had done it.

                                        Your REAL virginity is in this boys hand... and he doesn't even know, because he wasn't your first. So why should he? So why should he feel bad, when you're left crying yourself to sleep for weeks, while he's out doing IT with another girl, or two or three or five... other girls... or when your best friend decides she likes him.. and you have to play the sweet friend who doesn't care, but inside your torn apart, because its her happiness that matters right? What do you do when your REAL virginity is cracked, shattered, and crumpled on the floor, like a piece of dust, it just HAPPENED. and didn't mean a thing? What do you do when its gone... and now that you have bragging rights (hey, you finally did IT!) thats the very last thing you want to do. In fact, you just want to go back, and never do it with him or anyone else, because IT was yours.. and you gave it away...
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