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Webster's Third International Dictionary definition: Nigger.
            Nigger:  slang from negro; any dark skinned race.

                        2. Any of the turnip variety vegetables.

                        3. Any of the several dark colored beetles such as lady bugs.

            Nigger Heaven: the highest balcony or row in the theater.

            Nigger Toe: any of various herbs as of the genera; Gallardia, Corpeopsis,
                            and Redhekulia, having flowers black in color.

            Nigging: Working hard for no great reward.

                        2. A painting with many meticulous strokes of caricature faces.

            The Nigger Narcissus: slang for opium; a black petal flower.

            It is an offensive word, but a word nonetheless.
            Strange, how often it is used today after so much effort has been
            made to intergrate the races. As far as I can tell skin color comes from
            a sunny climate. It is not a curse from God, see Shem in Noah. It is
            a natural adaption. Jesus had a really good tan and so did his mother.
            So what?

            Just my two cents..


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