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A description of why I love mixed martial arts.
On to evolved apes beating the living hell out of each other gracefully. There's a term most people don't associate with fighters: grace. But, if you have ever seen Anderson Silva fight, you know he can take you down with more grace than if a ballerina and an ice skater gave birth while walking a tightrope (tightrope birthing=next extreme fad?) Fighting is an art form. There is no question about it. sour, some fighters get by with pure strength, throwing opponents around at will. But they are rare, and mostly boring to watch *cough* Brock Lesnar *cough*. Just to be clear, I'm not only talking about the deadly dance that is the stand up game either. There is also the most physical game I've ever seen. something called Jujitsu. Royce Gracie introduced mma fans to this wonderful style way back in the infant years of the UFC (if you are not familiar with Royce or the Gracie family Google them NOW. I'll wait.) and now it is an essential style to learn if you want to get anywhere in the mixed martial arts world, yet most casual fans of the sport still don't understand it, and to them its just two dudes laying on each other. Nothing says "I don't know anything about mma" like booing when a fight gets taken to the ground. Its like the equivalent of approaching a comedian and demanding "Make me laugh funny man" Both types of people put their utter lack of understanding right out in the open. It is hypnotizing to watch two men locked in a war of mental and physical strength, each trying to predict the others next 5 moves in order to counter them accordingly and ultimately put the other in so much pain they quite. So, to conclude this particular rambling, when i watch fighting I don't see barbarians knocking the shit out of each other. I see poetry....bloody, bloody poetry.
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