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The world of transformations...
            Good morning. It is a pleasant mild February. I know, like
      many Americans you are concerned about the unrest in the Middle East
      and specifically Iran. I am just a simple mage and have little influence on
      the titanic forces at play at the heart of God's Kingdom. But, I like all peaceful
      people; be they Christian, Jew or Muslim or Hindu or Buddhist or Aboriginal
      want to preserve this world; this Eden.

            Therefore, I have set forth some incantations for peace. The first will
      strengthen the brave, who fight for justice for all people. The second will test
      Iran with three Jinns. Each Demon will test their resolve to do harm to other
      good people of other faiths. If the Iranian leadership does injustice they will be
      set upon by the Jinns. There will be a plague. There will be starvation.
      There dead will lie unburied on the streets, for they would have lost God's
      protection in their evil acts. Their hatred will be consumed by these three Jinns
      that I now unchain.

          If God should punish men according to what they deserve,
          he would not leave on the back of the earth so much as a beast.
          (The Koran; chap 35)

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