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Ever wondered what Easter is like for chocoholics? Well know you can find out!

                            EASTER- A CHOCOHOLICS NIGHTMARE OR NOT?

          Just like 99% of the population, I see Easter as a break from that      everyday chore or work, a time to reflect on the religious meaning for mankind but most of all- a time for my 'Hidden Chocoholic Monster' to emerge and not feel guilty- really!

          Why? Well I spend all year trying to eat healthy and exercise then along              comes this terrible temptation, all the shops with colourful, eye catching and appealing displays of every kind of chocolate egg you can imagine! Mars Bar, Crunchie, Giant Caramel and Yowie eggs ( which contain toys!) of every size shape and filling you can imagine.  Most lethal of all are the Tim Tam eggs- for me the ultimate chocoholics dream!! A combination of your favourite biscuit, smothered in different types of chocolate in an egg shape, which come with an excuse for you to dig in without feeling guilty, what a life!

            So you can hardly be blamed when temptation faces you at every turn- am I right? I mean all you have to do is walk into any store and smack dab in front – I mean “RIGHT IN FRONT” of you are all these wonderful selections of eggs and nowhere else for you to look. You begin to be fixated like a deer caught in a cars headlights, unable to move, just waiting to pounce on one, two or maybe three eggs.

            So what options do you have? Be strong, tough and stick to your healthy resolutions you make every New Years, then walk away trying not to be tempted by the luscious, sweet smell emanating from all those colourful boxes of eggs? Well maybe if you are Superman!

            But this stuff is kryptonite to you, irresistible and personally I can hardly make it past the first row without craving a taste. Just imagine? That smooth chocolate, slowly melting in your mouth and making its way to your taste buds. The sweet immediate gratification of any creamy filling you get and of course the sugar high.


          Of course, you could always try the old adage ' a minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips' to discourage you from ending up as an Easter Blimp! But who really cares, all you want is the instant gratification you can gain. Of course you promise yourself you will only eat one egg- right???? Well maybe two or three, if forced to and you can always use it as an excuse to join a gym again after Easter- right!  Just like every other year.

          Just one rule, you are only allowed to eat your eggs- not your partners, children’s or others, as that would be greedy ( it would, wouldn't it?). Well, maybe not if you are a diagnosed, 1st Class Chocoholic  and couldn't be blamed for an addiction totally out of your control?? I mean why have they placed temptation in your way, it is their, whoever they are to make sure you cannot get access to your obsession, correct!

            Personally, I like the above excuse, it relieves me of the guilt and places it on a nameless identity. I may just use it as an evil Easter plot and munch away, without the usual guilt? Oh, lets face it!  You only live once- why not enjoy yourself. Eat as many chocolate eggs as you want. I mean what else in life can bring such instant satisfaction, delight, a dreamy sensation that gives you a high. Not much else, not even a man, so go for it girl! PIG OUT, its a small price to pay for the ultimate experience life can give ' A Chocoholics Ultimate Dream!!'.

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