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A personal journey through the ocult..
          "You are all that exists, you hold nothing of what you have made
          in abhorrence, for had you hated anything, you would not have
          formed it."(Wisdom 11:25)

      Christine put down her Bible and brushed her hair.
    How strange she felt with her breasts tingling and there was heat
    in her nether region. Was this part of God's plan? Christine walked
    outside down the steps of her trailer. "Hey! Christine!" It was Jake.
    She liked him more than her other neighbors.

      "Ah. what's up?" she smiled nervously. "Oh. Nothing. You want to do
    some weed?" Jake offered her a smoke. Christine shook her head no.
    She knew better to get hooked on drugs. The woman next door was a
    crack whore. "Hey. It's all natural. Not like cigarettes." Jake blew the
    smoke in her face. It had a sweet smell. She waved the smoke away.

        "My body is my temple. I will not fill my lungs with smoke."
    Christine took the joint from Jake's hand and stepped on it. Then, she
    took Jake by the hand into her trailer. "Shit. Are you fucking crazy?"
    Jake looked over his shoulder at his flattened joint. Christine tugged him
    inside to her shrine to the Madonna. It had Tampaxs hanging from it
    with a red votive candles lit. "I had a couple of good smokes left bitch."
    Jake took a sip of her grape soda.

        "Jake I want you to see me. I want you to see, who I really am."
    Christine had a hold of Jake with both her hands on his face. She looked
    directly into his eyes. She was pressing tightly on Jake's face.
    Christine stood back and took off her blouse and jeans. Jake got a goofy
    smile. "Yeah! Let's get some of that!" He stripped.

          "No. Jake. This is not about sex. This is about honesty. I want you
      to see me for the woman I am and not a sexual object." her answer was
      frank and stone cold. "Your psycho!" Jake had a hard on and started
      masturbating. Christine tazored him. She had bought it on line.
      Jake flipped about the floor like a trout out of water. While Jake was stunned,
      Christine dressed herself and Jake. She dragged him outside her trailer
      and left him in the driveway. It was time for her vespers. She would pray
      for Jake.

          Christine knelt before her shrine and read Genesis 1:31,
      "God saw all he had made, and indeed it was very good." she read.
      She sipped her grape soda and continued, "Now both of them were naked
      but they felt no shame in front of each other."  Christine blessed herself
      with the sign of the cross and hung another Tampax from her shrine
      and took a nap.

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