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Baby don't hurt me no more.

          The Son of Sam believed God was talking to him through his dog.
    He loved his dog very much and murdered many innocent people,
    because his dog told him to. The Zodiac killer stated in his letters to
    a news paper that he was God's executioner. He too murdered many
    innocent people and escaped justice. Countless generations of innocent
    people have been slaughtered by natural disasters and plagues. Were
    these acts of God?

          Ann Paterson, a writer a this site, has sent me two emails. Each email
    implores me to rethink my ideas about natural love. Firstly, I apologize for
    upsetting this kind lady. However, without a creed, the concept of love is
    relative. It boils down to how you feel about it. Psychology defines gay love
    as deviant from the majority heterosexual relationship. That doesn't make it
    bad. There are no moral absolutes in psychology. There is only the desire to
    feel good. So, Ann, I am happy you are happy.

          But, is a serial killer a God loving person? It depends on your values.

      Peace Out!

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