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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Detective · #1850825
A female CFO finds romance with a rather strage kind of vampire.
It's for a good cause(/center}
Defining the mystery.

The conference room was empty as Janet Crown entered. Her boss, boss’s really had called a meeting. Usually she knew in advance what any meeting was to be about, but, not today. Janet was about five feet two without heels, long brunette hair which crowned her face. She was not a raving, drop dead gorgeous woman. She however did posses the essence of a woman, very attractive in that girl next door look. Cute, attractive were better adjectives. There was not one part of her anatomy that stood out, but her body was a blend of all parts in the correct proportions. That body also included one first class mind.

Over the intercom she heard Jean, the receptionist state “ The tens are here.” She had to smile when she heard that phrase. The two bosses were two guys completely different in appearance. One, Frank was rather tall, slim and very handsome, not an ounce of fat on that body. His partner was the complete opposite. She pictured him as a mobile fire hydrant, short, stocky but all muscle. No fat on this one either. They got that name because when walking side by side they resembled the number 10.

The door opened and the two men entered, both giving the standard morning greeting. Bert, the stocky one stared at her, gave a wolf whistle, then asked if she was dressed for a date. Today she did not wear the customary business suit with sensible shoes. No, she dressed casually, a skirt, black, not form fitting along with a feminine frilly white blouse. She was not offended. The guys always had something complimentary to say to her. She actually liked their comments, made her feel good about her appearance.

OK Guys, what’s up, why this impromptu meeting?

Frank put his briefcase on the table, took out a pile of file folders and said “This” as he threw them on the table. This is the most unusual, weirdest case that has ever come into this office. It’s going to take all the brain power in this room to come up with an explanation, solution whatever. Bert stated “Three brains and one third feminine intuition.”

I don’t know about the intuition part but we do have the brain power. SO, what’s up.

There is this one gentleman, his name is Michael Fortescue, occupation, well, he really doesn’t have one. He does have a degree in Physics so he is not a dummy. We will be up against a first class mind.

Frannnk, she said in that exasperated tone.

I’m getting there. In a nutshell, this guy always seems to patent something before another guy gets around to it. This did not just happen once, it happened fifteen times! That cannot be coincidence, I’m not a mathematician but the odds of that happening are unbelievable. In addition this guy has deep pockets, he can afford to fight any legally challenge. Not many back yard inventors can challenge him financially.

Well Jan, any thoughts?

At first glance all we would have to prove is that he somehow has access to any individuals work. To do this he would have to know or at least know someone who is familiar with his work. I am going to assume that these creators, inventors whatever they’re called live all over the country so this guy must travel a lot. Can we match his travel to any of their home cities?

Nope, muttered Bert. We tried that approach. Zip, zero, nada. He travels a lot but only to meeting or seminars. One or two day trips s at most. Jan I know your next question. Did any of these inventors attend these conferences. The answer is yes! There is a relationship between the inventors and the seminars and our mystery person. The only concrete fact so far.

Guys, have you considered the role of a woman here. You say these guys go to seminars, along with our mystery man. Is there any known connection between the inventors and our mystery man with one woman? The woman would have to be known by all. I mean, I can see a guy bragging about his invention or whatever to another man but not likely he’s going go into too much detail. Now have a good-looking woman seduce him and he’d probably tell all. Brag, tell how brilliant he is, anything to impress her. You guys are easy that way.

Frank had to reply to her suggestion. Nice try Jan, but all of the married inventors insist that there was no hanky panky going on. Not one amongst the married ones, several were single or divorced and admitted having a lady friend. But no two descriptions matched. Another dead end.

Not intuition, but sneaky.

We have tried all possible investigative procedures we know and we know nothing stated Frank. We have been here for hours and come up with nothing! This is frustrating.

Guys, I think I have an idea. This calls for woman power.

What are you talking about?

Woman power, seduction. He’s a man. He has to have certain biological urges.

Jan, I hate to burst your bubble but we don’t have any female agents.

Bert, do I look like a man?

Not hardly, go on.

I get the right clothes, don’t want to look like a prostitute, I would say dress to appear like a woman who is out for a little fun. You know, like a lonely woman who wants a little male company. Dressed just a bit off the realm of good taste. I think I could pull it off.

I know you could pull it off said frank. And that’s the problem said Bert. It’s too dangerous, this scam is worth millions to this clown. Your life could be in danger.

Bert, I Can take care of myself!

No you can’t. You could dress up like Rambo and still only reach the look of cute, not dangerous.

Bert, some how I don’t think you will look attractive in heels and a skirt!

Frank said “I have to get that image out of my mind.” However we will agree on the condition that you have a shadow and you wear a wire, and, we intervene at any point where we consider it dangerous. All right?

Yes, agreed. But, I can’t wear a wire. I might have to get undressed.

Whoa, said Bert. How far are you going to play the roll?

As far as I have to, I’m not selling myself for money so I’m not a prostitute. I’m on assignment and I’m doing my job. And if I like it. So what! A little sex doesn’t bother you guys. Why should a woman be condemned for that attitude. Also because I want to know how he does it. So, stop being so damned fatherly.

All right, all right calm down. It’s your assignment. Use the office card, get what ever clothes you need.

Thank you guys, Finally I can do something besides crunch numbers. Oh, now I can update my resume: Chief financial officer and part time Slut.

The next day Bert rang Jan and asked her to come into his office. Have a seat Jan. Got some goodies for you.

Bert opened a desk drawer and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. And gave them to Jan.

Bert, you know I don’t smoke!

Yeah, I know. But this pack is different. It’s a recorder. Anything he says when he’s next to you will be recorded. Notice that the pack has been opened. If he makes a comment about not seeing you smoke, say, err, your trying to quit, testing your willpower. In case you have to provide a cig, the first ten cigs can be given out. I don’t think he will ask, not to many men want to be seen smoking Virginia Slims. Reaching into the drawer again he took out a small box. This is a bug, when you can, place it under or behind the telephone stand. Pull off this seal to activate it. Also, don’t stay all night, we need to give him time to communicate.

Next, he pulled out a revolver,22 caliber type and pink. Plastic really , won’t weigh you down. Pink , plastic thought Jan, old Bert thinks of everything. Should fit in my clutch easily. You OK with this he asked.

Without waiting for an answer he pulled out a folder, now for the interesting part. Here is your prey!

He handed her the folder, she first noticed the photograph. Well at least he’s not horrible looking, elderly but kinda cute. A cute nerd.Jan put the picture down and read the physical description. Male, Caucasian, Age 59, 5 feet 5 inches tall, weight 150 pounds. God, he only weighs 30 pounds more the me. hair brown and thinning, turning grey. Preferred dress, sport jacket (Leather elbows) and slacks, bow tie, wingtip shoes, brown. This guy dresses like a movie caricature of a college professor? Favorite food, meat: steak, hamburgers and fries. Thank god, it’s not salad, seafood and white wine, I might have a chance.Bert, you said I could dress like Rambo and not scare anyone, I might have to disagree with you on this guy.

Hey, remember Napoleon was a squirt also. Don’t judge a book by the cover. OK, now for the nitty gritty, he’s going to an inventors seminar next Tuesday in North Overshoe Nebraska.

Oh, come on!

Nah, it’s legit. I’ll get their first. Need to have a little talk with the manager.

You are not exactly some one who can hide in a crowd, what’s going to be you cover.
Being in plain sight!

You don’t think I can imitate a bouncer?

Tuesday, North Overshoe Nebraska, Hotel St. Simeon.

Jan entered her room, threw herself on the bed. Three flights to get to this place some where just short of the unknown! I’m beat. Looking at the clock she saw it was nearly three o:clock. The seminar will end in an hour, that will be four, the restaurant opens at five. So, I have two hours. Wait, ‘ll try the bar first. Too early for a sexy outfit. She selected her outfit. Nice of the guy’s to buy these clothed for me.She looked at herself in the mirror. Not Bad...Certainly not something a hooker would wear. She had chosen a black A line skirt, white blouse with a scarf, red and black polka dot design. Black hose, medium high heels and black hose completed the outfit. OK girl, lets check out the lounge! She grabbed her clutch and made her way to the elevator.

Exiting the elevator she immediately spotted the lounge. She selected a seat where she could survey the entrance to the lounge and the restaurant entrance.

Her timing was perfect, the guests were entering the lounge. She waited anxiously. Ten minutes, no Mr Michael Fortescue. Oh good God, what if he doesn’t drink. The bio didn’t mention that little fact! She ordered another ginger ale. staring at the emptying restaurant I’ll stay another half an hour} Her patience paid off, she spotted one Mr Michael Fortescue walking into the restaraunt.

Damn, damn. How am I going to approach him in the restaurant? Would have been a lot easier in the bar! Hell, you always wanted to be an actress, so act.She got up and walked into the restaurant. The place was only half full. Mustering all the courage she possessed she walked to the table where her prey was studying the menu.
She inquired, “ Mind if I join you?”

Miss, there is no shortage of empty tables!

Oh, I know that but that’s the problem, they are empty. This is the only table with a cute inventor sitting at it. Girl, this is stretching it!

Miss, I am not really in the need of a lady of the evening.

She laughed and replied, “No, I’m not a prostitute, do I look like one?” Damn it, no answer. However I will admit to being a gold digger. I’m interviewing for an open marriage partner. Some one who can support me in the manner to which I have become accustomed. The look on his face was worth this act.
I must admit you have a most unusual method of introduction. I’m curious, so please have a seat, err Ms? OK, keep the first name. Just incase.Janet Evans, but call me Jan.
He helped her into her seat and ordered another menu. The meal is on me Jan, what would you like.
What would you recommend?
I am partial to châteaubriand, I understand it is excellent here. You?
You are quite the Gourmand, why don’t you order for both of us?
All right I will, Waiter we will both have the châteaubriand and a bottle of Pinot Noir, your best please. Jesus, two hundred bucks a bottle! That’s my liquor supply for two months!In a short while the meals arrived, it was a treat for the eyes. God, this food is delicious and the wine is like liquid velvet. A girl could get used to this. Maybe I should go thru with this ploy! They ate slowly, enjoying every fork full and every drop of the wine.
Shall we end this meal with a little coffee and brandy, my dear?
Yes, but not here, Lets have the final libations in your room. We still have a lot to talk about.
Exiting the elevator they proceeded to his room. He opened the door and backed off so she could enter first.
Holly mackerel, this is not a room, it’s a suite. I could not afford this suite for an hour, much less a night. This guy is loaded.Jan, Make your self comfortable while I call room service. Do you care for regular or espresso? OH, milk and sugar?
It seems like I am a good judge of men. You appear to be very rich, Mr ....What is your name?
Call me Mike, I like it better then Michael.
The doorbell chimed, he opened the door to let the waiter wheel in the cart. He gave the man a fifty dollar bill as he left the room. Oh Girl, this is getting very difficult to ignore.As he turned towards Jan, she was stepping out of her skirt, the blouse and scarf were on the back of a chair. She had on only a black bra and panties, hose and shoes. Maybe I am by nature a whore, this doesn’t bother me at all.You really do take literally the phrase make your self comfortable!
Does this bother you?
Not at all my Dear. You are quite beautiful! NO, No, don’t take any more off, stay the way you are.
This is unusual, he wants me to stay in my undies. Most guys can’t wait to see a woman’s boobs. He’s walking around me, like I’m a sculpture, a work of art. I should dislike this guy, but, I can’t.I am by nature a lover of beauty, be it a painting, a symphony or natures beauty. Needless to say a beautiful woman is in that list. You are perfect, like a painting. Every part of you blends together to form perfection, no one part detracts from the whole. A perfect composition!
OK, why am I loving to hear this? The man is not coarse, he’s civilized and a gentleman. He’s almost like Bert, a prude in some ways but a little higher up the social ladder. I’m starting to like this guy! I can almost forget the money.

Have a seat Jan, we can continue to talk. Here’s a coffee with a brandy on the side. Please enjoy.
Mike, what do you do for a living? What is your occupation? He may say my body is like a work of art, but, he is certainly staring at my legs! Come on Girl, what else can he stare at when I’m sitting. Hell if I’m perfect, let him stare. I’m enjoying this. My ego is loving this!Jan, I do not have a nine to five job, I free lance
At what?
OH I guess you could say as a vampire, Not for blood but Ideas.
You mean you can read people’s minds?
In a way.
BINGO! Finally an explanation, but, who will believe it?Excuse me Jan, did you say BINGO?
He stared at her, hands together, finger tip to finger tip. Finally he erupted into laugher. Jan you are a marvelous actress, you really had me going. What a fool I was, to believe that a beautiful young woman would have an interest in an old man like my self.
God, he can absorb thoughts!What do you do with all the idea’s you steal.\

In my own small way I try to better the world, for example, I recently, how shall I say, absorbed an brilliant idea for a medication that may benefit victims of diabetes. It is in the testing stage now but if it proves successful I shall furnish it to the public for pennies. Just price it high enough to cover costs. Basically it would be a non profit company. The person who had the original concept could think of nothing but profits. I feel no guilt about what I did
And you shouldn’t! I cannot believe this man, a humanitarian! What was Bert’s favorite expression “as rare as hens teeth”Mike, I think you could use a female partner! I feel I could be of help to you on more of your vampirism!

If I am to have a partner, it should be a beautiful and humanitarian woman. I would be honored. Please my dear, join me. He slowly moved the bed covers to provide an opening for both of them.

Damn, I’m actually going to go to bed with him! Am I a whore or a Saint for wanting to help in his plans?
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