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by meta4
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my first bit of writing!


The gift of life arrives with death.
The innocence of birth fades as the night shadows instinct;
The inheritance of sin.

Echoes of a martyrs screams, once cradled
upon the winds of eternity,
now fade in the memories of divine creation.

The living walk together, nescient and bound to their ignorance.
A path taken by few leads to all.

The dead sleep alone;
not cleansed, poised to loose their touch of hate.
Forever overshadowed by an unending inquietude.

The lamentation of these abandoned, inane souls vanishes
in the midst of impure oblivion.

Mirrors of doom awaken to darkness, sadness and solitude.
To a dawn upon a red sky.
In tides of black(ness) ashes of memories mirage into dark.

A Downfall Monologue

August 1990

Inspired by Tom G Warrior and
Kurt Kilfelt

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