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The experience of a girl being raped by the police forces in Iran
Scene 26

         Her left leg was badly injured, a long nasty wound that bleeding brown clots instead of a shining red liquid, full of thorn and wood chips. She sat in the tub filled with half hot water, tried to clean the wound with her nails. Her messy hair freely surrounded her face; her bright eyes were shaking with tears. Alex was watching her, the tremble of her body, her innocent face that showed weakness.

“Let me help you.” He said.

“No! I told you to leave me alone!” she said without looking at him. He sat on his knees, outside the tub, pull over her hair and caress her cheek.

“Jenna, just calm down and let me help you.” He demanded. Jenna laid back and let him to clean her wounded leg; He took a towel, wet it with warm water and cleaned her leg. The hot water went orange while the clots exchanged to soft blood.

“It’s over. You can take a shower now. Come on. “He said and stood and offered his hand. She held it and stood.

“Stay with me tonight. I need someone. Please.” She pleaded. Alex gazed her face to face, walked into the tub.

“Jen, I – “He said, and she put her hand on his lips.

“I need you tonight.” She whispered and started opening his shirt buttons. Alex grabbed her face and put his lips on hers. The warms of their tongues touched each other, and Jenna let him hugged her naked body. He breathed fast, warm and erotic. She could feel the hardness of his manhood under his Jeans. The sound of door knocking interrupted them. Alex shockingly stepped backward.

“Who’s that?” he said and jumped out of the bathroom, rubbed his eyes and opened the door. A bellboy was stood outside.

“Sir, I’m sorry but the manager said you can’t stay in Miss. Meisuri’s room because of the Islamic rules. You know?” he said in French with shyness. Alex shook his head and agreed.

“Sorry, I know. I just wanted to help her to – um – she is a little sick and I wanted to help her sleep.” He stammered, turned back to the bathroom,” I have to go Jenna, maybe next time. They – “he said.

“I know! Go away! I don’t have mood for your excuses!” She said.

He left the room; the sound of showering could be heard easily. He smiled uncertainly to the bell boy, shook his hand and entered his own room. Jenna put on her bathing suit and lied on the bed. Her hair was completely wet and scruffy, spread all over her face, closed her eyes to sleep but short dreams caused her to wake every fifteen minutes. She turned back to her face; put the pillow on her head, her body was shouting the eagerness for Alex.

“Jenna! Are you still dreaming?” Alex knocked the door. It was a hot morning, with gun shooting sound she jumped suddenly to the window.

“They are shooting people! Oh Lord!” She whispered.

“Jenna?” Alex said.

Jenna opened the door,” don’t you know you can’t stay with me because of Islamic rules?”

“Jenna! It wasn’t my fault! I really wanted to – “he said, and she interrupted.

“Forget that! I’m happy it didn’t happen! What do you want now?” she was in a bad mood.

“I wanted to say they are killing people in the streets!” he said.

“Is it a new thing? I saw it from the first time I put my feet on the Iran’s land!” she said through a half-opened door.

“What are you gonna do?” he asked, reclined his shoulder over the wall.

“Nothing! I want to stay in my room!” she said.

“Let’s go to the hospital to see what happened! Maybe the old man you met is ok, then you can talk to him.” He said.

Jenna opened the door completely,” but his daughter didn’t call me yet.”

“It’s why I suggest going to the hospital. You can’t wait here till she calls you and also you don’t have anything to do after they close the Human Rights office.” He said.

“Yeah! You’re right! I called Maggie last night and told her the story. She said the only thing I should be worry about is my own aim, finding my father.” She agreed.

“So, let’s go gurl! We will have breakfast first, then will go to hospital and after that we’ll go for taking some photos of the art of police forces in Tehran streets, ok?” he said.

“Ok!” she said, stared at his eyes like an innocent kitten. He caressed her chick.

“I’ll wait in the lobby pretty woman!” he winked.

Scene 27

         The riot was in a peak period; youngsters started to use stone to hit the police forces.”It’s funny to see such things in Iran. The Mullahs claim that they support Palestinians against Israel’s attacks, they show people who defend themselves with stones against the tanks of Israel, “Jenna explained,” and now we can see the government, and its police are Israel and the Iranian youngsters the Palestinians. Shame on Ahmadinejad! Shame on Khameneii who appears as the supreme Islamic leader, is this Islam?” she added.

“Unfortunately Islam is a good instrument into the hands of such people; the Taliban, Khameneii and so many other terrorist groups and beliefs can misuse Islam easily. There we are. That’s the hospital!” he pointed to the Milad Tower. They paid the taxi, walked to the hospital. Alex said,” Jenna, wait a little.”

“Why?” she wondered.

“I wanted to talk about last night. Jenna, I really wanted to be with you. It was a physical interaction, but as you know, it can’t work between us.” He said.

“So what?” she asked.

“I really like that our friendship continues without any physical tendency, you know what I mean? I want to be your friend, like a brother. You’re so attractive, so sexy and you know how to control a man’s passion, but I don’t wanna this happen again. “He begged.

“Ok, it’s not matter. I believe in what you’ve said. I thought a lot. Couldn’t sleep well last night and called Maggie while she was in a deep dreaming period, but I needed to talk to someone. I talked about you too, and she said we have to think about what we are doing.” She said,” she suggested me to think, and I said that you found someone special. She suggested me to be your friend, only friends with no benefits at all. This can help both of us to find our own way, without each other. I wanted to explain these, and it’s good that you’ve started.”

Alex had a good feeling about what he has heard,” thanks Jenna. I appreciate this kinda friendship. Now I know what to do.” He smiled.

“Ok, shall we go inside?” she asked.

Jenna and Alex used the elevator to go to the second floor; the nurses in the second floor corridor walked fast from side to side, like there is an emergency happening in one of the rooms. Jenna walked to the reception,” hello, madam. I need to see one of the patients here.”

She answered while she was typing something in the computer,” but you should come back at in two hours. In 2 P.M”

“I know, but I really need to ask him something. It’s an emergency.” Jenna pleaded.

“But madam! It’s the rule of the hospital. I can’t allow you to go inside.” She said.

“I’m a journalist, came from France. I came just to meet him, and I have to fly back in two hours.” Jenna lied.

“Well, may I see your ID card then?” she asked. Asena showed her Journalism Card, “ok, but may I know the name of your patient please?”

“He was in room 202, Mr.Karimi.” Jenna said.

The woman check his name on the computer,” oh! I’m sorry. He’s not here!” she said.

“Why? Discharged?” Jenna asked.

“Oh, no! I’m sorry. He passed away three days ago.” She said.

Jenna was shocked,” Alex! he’s dead!”

“The old man? Then ask about his address!” he suggested.

“I’m so sorry to hear that madam. Well, can I have his address or phone number?” Jenna asked the nurse.

“I’m afraid I can’t miss. It’s about the privacy of our patients, and I can’t do it. But I can give your number to them, if they visit here again.” She said.

“Well, Thanks. They already have it. But please let them know I’ve come. Tell them Meisurri came to see Haj Karimi. Can you call them and inform them about me? It’s important.” Jenna asked.

“Fine. Just have a sit. I’ll give them a call.” She said and continued her typing.

They sat on the corridor bench; three nurses pulled a hospital bed with a patient on it who looked in an emergency condition.

“Miss Meisurri?” the reception called her.

“Yeah?” Jenna replied. The nurse showed her the phone and Jenna ran to her.”It’s his daughter.”

“Hello? Miss. Karimi? It’s Meisurri. The one – “Jenna said.

“I know; I know Miss Meisurri, how are you?” she interrupted.

“I’m ok! I’m honestly sorry about your father. It really made me sad.” Jenna said.

“Thanks for your sympathy my dear. It was the right time for him. God knows what to do!” she replied.

“God bless him!” Jenna said.

“Thanks dear. Well, I should do apologies that I didn’t call you. My husband is back to Tehran, but I’ve lost your phone number. If you can, please give me your number one more time. I will tell him to call you after launch.” She said.

“Thanks but isn’t it your father’s funeral?” Jenna asked.

“No dear. We don’t have anyone to come. So we will do it on his 40th day of death in the mosque he worked for years. So please feel free about such things.” She assured.

Jenna gave her number and said,” Thanks for your help Mrs. Karimi.”

“No problem dear. You’re like the daughter I’ve never had. I will tell my husband to call you. Can you come here in the evening? “She asked.

“Sure. Anytime, it’s ok for you.” Jenna answered.

“So, my husband will call you and give you the address.”She said.

“Thanks madam. See you soon. Goodbye.”

Scene 28

         The house was old with Iranian traditional decoration; long lacing white curtains, purple coach, red Persian carpets. The couple sat together, the woman in milky dotted veil looked like a big cute snowman and man with a gray beard and hair, counting his rosary while he was talking about Soorena. Alex eating nuts eagerly, fast and unstoppable, but Jenna concentrated on the man’s lips memorizing every single word.

“If I want to tell you from the start, I should say that we – me and Soorena were close friends in high school, and even we were soldiers at the same garrison during our military period,” the man said, coughed to clear his voice,” he was a serious man, in spite of when he was a teenager, he has never done naughty things as all young boys do in those times.”

His wife brought tea,” help yourself my dear.” She said to both guests.

The man drank some tea,” After this time, we almost separated, I’ve gotten married, start my own family and business, and he started to study and I just have heard that he was studying law. I can remember exactly, “ he drank again,” I had a legal problem about a land in Isfahan, where I was born – it was a piece of land that I’ve inherited and someone illegally wanted to own it, and I called Soorena to ask for help. He was cold, speak so seriously like he didn’t know me, but at that time, he became a famous lawyer. It was almost nine years after our military service period. Anyway, he helped me to revive my land and didn’t ask any money for that. From that time, our friendship became powerful again.”

“So, what did happen then? “ Jenna asked.

“It’s a long story and seems you’re enthusiastic about hear more.” He laughed.

“Yeah! It’s really important for me.” She replied.

“You’re independency and the way you react, is really like him. Sometimes, I think you’re his daughter.” He said.

Jenna smiled, “I wished so!”

“Let me tell you more, this friendship continues till he got a mission to go abroad. He just didn’t tell anybody, even his father about that. It was his sister’s engagement ceremony, and he didn’t appear and when I asked his father, he told me that he left Iran last night. I was shocked and meanwhile sad that why he didn’t tell me?” he looked thoughtful,” after he came back, I called him, and still he ignored to tell anything. And again, he left Iran for another country. It is everything I know about that cryptic mission. Why I say mysterious? Well, it’s because of the results.”

“What result?” she asked.

“His father’s death. A mysterious murder that caused police started their investigation. I really don’t know what happened; he didn’t come back to Iran, even for his father’s funeral, his family moved out to an unknown place, and no one ever heard or had any ideas about them. “He explained.

“I know you saw him in a TV program, while he was the lawyer of a woman, right?” she said.

“Yeah, seems my wife didn’t hide anything from you. She’s so kindhearted and loves girl like you.” He said.

“Thanks to her. She’s a real human.” She said.

She smiled to Jenna and her husband continued,” I saw him in TV, and I tried my best to find him. It was five years ago, almost, and finally, I found him. He was still handsome, but unusual. He used to be a faithful man, a strict Muslim, always pray and mostly visited the mosque, you know? He had a Muslim style too, like me, beard, normal hair shortcuts, simple clothes, but this time he was completely different. Lived in an apartment, with a dog, a big German Shepherd, had stubble, long pony tail hair, his style was like Cowboys, special and different. “He described. Jenna tried to imagine her father, how he looked like, his appearance, his manner, and his attitudes.

“Well, you use past tense words; it means that you don’t know where is he, right?” she said sadly.

“Actually, I have some traces; I think I know where he is now. After that woman court and when she sentenced to death, he disappeared again – he always was weird – I called him several times, but he turned his phone off, and when I went to his apartment, it was empty. I was really disappointed; even I decided to forget him. But I can’t. I feel he need help, and I can’t stay calm and do nothing.” He assumed.

“Why he left again without any notice? “She asked.

“I’m not sure. I think because he was the woman’s lawyer, and she was a spy – police wanted to arrest him, and then he escaped. It’s why I hesitate to tell anybody where he is now.” He said.

Jenna smiled happily,” so, you know where he is, right?” she asked.

“Listen my daughter, he told me he had a daughter, he said that he was in love with a woman who was pregnant with his daughter, he told me the whole story.” He said,” it seems that you just want his address and not the story backstage.”

“Of course I like to know. “She said with eagerness.

“Then let me tell you that the woman’s name was Anna, she was his co-worker and they both worked on the same case. He told me that he hated her first because she didn’t believe in any kind of religion but after a while during those trips; he fell in love for her. He explained how beautiful she was, milky skin, soft dark-brown hair and gray mystical eyes. When he was imaging her, I thought to an angel. She should be someone special that he left everything for her, his family, his fiancé and even his beliefs.” He said, cleaned his tears. Jenna tried to control herself, but all he was explaining was about her beloved mother, someone who is dead now. She felt empty, sighed and started crying calmly.

“I wish that he could find her again. He told me that she left him alone when they were in the last phase of their mission. He said they were in a real deep love but never told me why she left then!” he continued. Alex held Jenna’s hand.

“I should meet him sir. He, he is so important for me. “She cried.

“Why he should be so important for you?” he asked.

“I – “she paused. The way she was impressed by the story of her parents, could ruin the way she has started,” I need to help my friend. She will die soon, and she wants to see her father before she dies.”

“Allah blesses her! I will give you his address but when he allows me to do. Ok?” he said.

Jenna cleaned her tears,” ok.”

“But I need a photo of his daughter, and then he can trust to see you.” He said. Jenna was in a complicated situation; she wanted to see her father. She was almost there and on the other side, she told lie to him about an imaginary daughter.

“But – “she said,” I don’t have any photos.”

“Then how he supposes to trust you my daughter? He’s a suspicious man, never trust anybody. If you really want to meet him, you should give us a photo.” He said.

“At least, give his number to me. If I talk to him, maybe he accepts that I’m telling the truth.” She asked.

“No, I can’t. He needs a photo of his daughter and his wife.” He said. Jenna decided to tell him the truth. She was here to find her father; someone who she believes was a lost part of her being. She checked her hand bag, brought out the wallet, looked at the photo that she had with her mother while they were in Rome two years ago; Pulled it out, watched it a while, kissed it.

“But when? When will you inform me about whether I’m able to meet him or not?” she asked.

“Tomorrow evening. Just let us be sure, ok? I will give the photo to him, and if he approves it, I will call you. Is it ok?” he said.

“Sure!” she said, paused some seconds and passed the photo, “here it is. They are the family of the Soorena.”

Scene 29

         “I can’t believe I found him. I finally did it.” She said.

“Then, let’s party somewhere. When I was in Emirates, I went to an Arabic Café, they served tea and something called Qilliun.” He said.

“Ok, we will drink tea and smoke Qilliun; it’s a kinda glass full of water which you smoke with fruit flavor, right?” she said.

“Yes, then ask the driver to take us somewhere.” He asked.

“Ok, excuse me sir. Would you take us to a Kahveh Khane , somewhere we can sit and chat?” She asked the driver.

“Of course, sister. I know a traditional Café that suits you.” He said.

         The place was a traditional designed Tea House with Qajar style, was a big underground restaurant with live folk music. They found a place close to the singers, sat in the corner of bed, which designed to create an empirical atmosphere; they ordered two cinnamon teas. A wide-screen plasma TV was hung on the wall behind the singers, muted, showed everyday news. The restaurant was almost crowded; families gathered there for weekend – which was Thursday night – and dine out.

“The news shows nothing but a pile of bull shit. They act as there’s nothing happening in the streets.” Jenna said.

“Yeah, it’s the way of public media. It’s their rule. Look, most of the people here came to have dinner. I want to taste it. “He said.

Jenna looked at a family near their bed, were eating a delicious food,” it called Dizi or Abgusht!”

Alex laugh,” Ashusht? What a funny name!”

“No, Abgusht. It contains meat, beans, potato and some more things I don’t know exactly. I can remember my mom sometimes cooked it. It was delicious. She called it Meat Mash, because she mashed everything together, look, the way they are doing.” She showed another family.

“I’m starving. Come on! Order me Ashgusht!” he said.

Jenna laughed, called a waiter and ordered two Dizi,” you’re gaining some weigh Alex; you eat so much since we came here.”

“Well, it’s Iranian problem. They always have delicious things to eat!” he giggled.

“I am really happy that I can finally see my father. Tomorrow is an important day for me. Then I, you and my father can go back to France. I want to show him Lille, my mom’s grave, and everywhere we had beautiful memories together. He can work as a lawyer in mom’s office. Oh! I have a family again.” She expressed.

“I’m happy too, but I still couldn’t finalize my report. Maggie sent you here mostly for yourself, to find your father, but she will fire me if I don’t bring her a complete report about Iran.” He said.

“It’s ok. I don’t have anything to do. I’ve searched the internet today, the filtering is harsher these days, and I couldn’t even check my Facebook. But I had a group message that informed tomorrow in Azadi Square, there’s a gathering again. Maybe we can go there and took some photos; I can give you a hand if you lend me a camera.” She said.

“Nice idea. We will go there tomorrow. Where is it?” he asked.

“I don’t know exactly. I have the address, we will find it. “She said.

“Alrighty then!” he winked.

Another night, she disabled to sleep. Images, thoughts, fear avoided her sleeping easily. She lied in the tub filled with warm water, wanted to relax her body and mind, but everything invaded to her brain without her control; her mother’s death, the father who she has never met, the reason of her parent’s separation, people in Iran’s streets, women who were arrested in Human Rights office. She unexpectedly, saw herself as a dead body, with heavy makeup, wide-open eyes. She saw the people all around the grave, everybody in black clothes, faceless. They bend to see her go down to the darkness. She felt the oxygen is finishing, scratched the coffin door with her long nails and blood spilled from her fingers over her eyes. She screamed, but her voice smothered in that small wooden box. She just could hear people laughing; their voices echoed several times, and she could hear that they were spattering the soil on her coffin. She barely could breathe. Her eyes were full of blood. She was trembling of cold. She tried to breath, but the coffin filled with red cold blood. She woke up in a bad condition. Her head was under water, gobbled some water and tried to sit by getting help from the sides of the tub. She was almost drowned, sat in the tub, coughed with a shouting sound and finally throw out some water. She had this nightmare again. It was the second time. She put on her bathing suit, felt very tired, shaking of fear.

Scene 30

The Enghelab Avenue  almost filled with people who were running chaotically from side to side, and you could see police forces in black suits, masks, batons and shields, chasing them on their motorcycles or by foot. As far as Alex and Jenna walked, the fog and smoke got thicker and only feet could be seen or voices could be heard. Several car tubes in the middle of the wide street were burning; a big bus was in a huge wild fire, and you could smell the canister which neutralized by the smoke being caused by such fires. Alex started taking photograph when he felt there is nobody to care about him. Police, people, closed shops, a bank that was attacked by someone alarming, two beggar kids running and laughing, women in green clothes and the fire. Jenna suddenly pushed him,” run, run, run. The police are coming to us!” she screamed. They started bolting again, since they arrived here, they just escaped from police forces, which were very sensitive about any sort of photography. The further they got closer to the Azadi Square, the more population and less smoke they could see. The Azadi building, in the middle of a round huge square, white, strong and bizarre was looked misty in the pollution and the smoke fog which here went up.

Jenna and Alex moved closer; police stood near the population which was silent, no one talked and you could hear no sound but feet, breathe and cough. Alex asked,” what’s happening? Why everybody is silent?”

“I’ve heard that they are protesting here with silence, they don’t say anything, and it means they still want their right.” Jenna answered.

         People walked in a slow motion concernedly like drunken ones, see nothing but the illusion; move around the square seems they were moving around a shrine. They started to take photos, avoided being seen by the police, but as soon as they walked in the population, the movement caused them to walk as people pushing them. The sky was full of gray smoky clouds; a heavy atmosphere made breathing hard, and the smell of sweat and blood brought a nauseous feeling to the stomach. A sudden gunshot sound made everybody to scream, bend and the movement got faster. Most of the people tried to escape; some ran to the sound source. Several gunshots could be heard from a near distance. Alex grabbed Jenna’s hand,” What the fuck!” he said.

“Let’s get closer! It’s what we were looking for! Damn police! They shot disarmed people!” Jenna said, and she took faster paces through the populations that gripped together with a chaos in their acts, pushed them from her way.

They reach to a wide place, was everybody stood in a circle, watching police forces and wounded people, some of them tried to help and dashed to the middle of the scene. The gunshot sound continuously, among the smoke and fog, was heard. Jenna gazed at the blood which spread on the asphalts; some injured girls and boys lied in red hot liquid. One man was trebling to death, Jenna skipped to him; his chest had a big wound on it. The white shirt went rosy second by second; his body movements got faster, his eyes raised up to white and finally; he rested in peace, his head like a lead sphere hanged to his neck; he died. Scream, shouting “Down with Khameneii, Down with Ahmadinejad,” gunshot’s noise made this scene more horrible. Jenna cried out, there were so many youngsters wounded, rolled in a lake of blood, and police has come close to arrest them. Alex took some shots, suddenly grabbed Jenna’s wrist to run, but Jenna pulled her hand, wanted to help a girl who had a bullet in her stomach. Alex yelled, “Move your ass Jenna! They are coming!” he tried to hold her arm, but she resisted. The girl was shaking; her hands were cold, her lips gone white.

“Help! She’s dying! Please somebody help!” Jenna screamed.

         Everybody was running cluttered; no one ever listen to her. The girl’s body became heavier; she was unable to stand on her feet and Jenna disabled to bear keeping her. She fell down, and Jenna sat next to her. Alex continuously alarming her, but she was caressing, crying and speaking to calm the girl. The girl looked at her eyes; smile shivered on her white dry lips; a slimy liquid came out from the edge of her lips. Jenna shook her body, screamed and slapped her face to wake her up; she opened her eyes, but again, she has gone unconscious. Jenna apprehended Alex scary screams, wanted to turn to him and ask for help; her eyes were burning of tears. Something hit her head from behind, a stretch sound of beep and everything went black.

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