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How open can you be?

          "Matt broke up with me." Erin stares at the lunchroom table her hands
    are on her lap. "Oh? Well, you'll find someone else." Muzzy replies.
    "Yeah. He's really pissed at me." Erin had not changed her posture.
    "These things can be difficult." Muzzy puts some cheese on his Ritz Cracker
    and places it in front of Erin. She stares at the cracker.

          "I had an abortion." she says and continues to stare at the cracker.
    "Okay. That's your choice. I guess Matt was the father?" Muzzy munches on his
    cracker. "He knows it was a boy. He hates me." Erin has not touched her cracker
    and continues to stare at it. "A fetus ghost?" Muzzy gets a chuckle from Erin.
    She takes a bite.

          "Abortion is a ticket to Heaven. Let God straighten it out." Muzzy rubs Erin's
    back. "You wanna go see that movie? The one about the Devil in an unborn child?"
    Erin gives a wicked smile. "Sure." Muzzy smiles back.

          Muzzy gets no sex, but a hug and a kiss.

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