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dark epic...
a dark one
came in a land
a burning one
who seeks the end
the end of times
when light ascend
a dark one
an evil man

the last fence
against the night
rise again
tall and bright
to win, to be
as ancients king
the burning wings
of liberty

and then they came
enlighten the air
heroes of men
righteous and fair
and against them
a killing spree
of hell and chaos
mad and bloody
the evil ones
that waited here
to break the heroes
and to spread fear

and so on the day of the meeting
a furious battle then begin
each side fighting for his own goal
and spreading death in fury howls....

now the battle is over
but who can say who is the winner ?
if the light side has prevailed
its purity has been stained...

the only thing that is sure
is that war will still endure
for when war is to be slain
it is peace who chokes from pain
for killing the war is not
an act of peace, no it is not !
an the men who fight for peace
are the bringers of war and wrath...
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