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just writing a little bit, and this is what showed up on paper. please rate and comment
He stared deep into her eyes, laughing at the sound of her meaningless screams. "It's just a waste of energy, sweetheart. It ain't like anybody can hear you," said the man. As she started to cry, his laughter would just get louder and more hearty. You could tell she was scared. After all, she trusted him. She didn't think he would end up hurting her.
She was still tied up, naked, after being raped with such force. Her screaming the whole time, he felt a sense of power over the girl, knowing that he would be the first, last, and only guy she ever fucks. He took pride in that fact.
He took a second, no more than that, to stop and admire his victim, before stabbing her in the side.
He wanted his victim to suffer. He wanted to embrace her struggle. Another sharp stab to the leg, and she sent out yet another screech. The girl was writhing in pain, and all her victim did was laugh. Stab after stab, each time deeper, each scream louder, he just started enjoying it more and more.
Each stab, he avoided major veins to make his entertainment last longer.He just wanted her to suffer; to bleed out to death. But on the seventh penetration, he slipped. Aiming for the cheek, but slipping and getting the eye instead.
After ten more stabs, to get her once for each year she lived, he then raped her corpse. Just to prove that he had THAT much power over her.
He bathed her body to remove her DNA, and turned off the video camera. He kept the eyeball he accidentally stabbed as a "souvenir".
After taking a picture of the corpse, he placed the eyeball in his pocket and drove away. He placed the body facedown on the steps of the police station. Already thinking..."who's next?"
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1851092