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Myth, Dreams and Mysteries..

      She sat at the last booth in the restaurant . It was late.
  The street lamps flickered a blue flame. The restaurant was mostly
  empty, but remained opened all night. "Would you'd like some more
  coffee?" the waitress stood over her with a fresh jug of coffee.
  Amanda looked slowly up at her and smiled, "Thank you, yes I'm
  parched." She handed the waitress a twenty. The waitress's eye's widened
  at her generosity.

      Amanda returned her gaze to the hotel across the street. She was hunting.
  The Ingatius was in need of fresh siding and paint. "Kyrie Eleison. Let all the
  angels of God adore him." she whispered and sipped. A dark figure exited the
  hotel. It appeared to be a small man in a long leather coat. He walked directly
  toward the restaurant. Amanda put her coffee on the counter and unclipped the
  the sawed off shot gun under her coat. The man's face was still shadowed as
  he walked and sat at the bar. He wore a large wrangler hat.

      Amanda could not hear what he ordered, but the waitress was quick to
  pour some coffee. Amanda spotted more shadowy figures leaving the wretched
  old hotel. They walked away in separate directions. "How is it you doing up so
  late?" She had turned her gaze away from the small man at the counter.
  He was standing in front of her booth. She held her shotgun under the table
  and produced her badge. "Sexual crime unit, sir. May I see your ID?"
  He was clearly unnerved by her badge and produced his driver's license.
  "Gerard Graham. Well Gerard, what are you doing up so late?" she asked with
  a smirk and handed his license back.

      Gerard sat down across the small table from her and sipped his coffee.
  "That's a gun under the table?" he spoke softly. Amanda nodded yes with a
  toothy smile. "Well, that makes me nervous. Could you put it away?" he
  continued with a twitch in his left eye. "Now, who is the officer here?" she
  cocked her shotgun and pressed the barrel on his groin. "Okay. Okay. Just
  relax. I was meeting some buddies for some late-night poker." Gerard kept
  both hands palms down on the counter. "That's not what the other tenants say.
  They say your buddies are getting together for homosexual gang bangs."
  Amanda spoke calmly and pressed the barrel harder into his crotch.
      Gerard shook his head no in a jerking motion. He was terrified.
  The penalty for homosexual acts was death. Amanda sipped her coffee,
  keeping her shotgun pressed on Gerard's crotch. She picked up her
  cell phone and tapped out a code... "You will be detained," she said.
  Gerard knew what that meant. He could be waterboarded and detained
  indefinitely if necessary. He slurped his coffee. "Look this is crazy. I voted
  for Santorum. I'm a Republican." Amanda laughed at his feeble attempt.
  "I've arrested Republicans." she sneered.

        The police wagon arrived, pulled by two horses. "We rounded up
  the rest of them." a large officer said and hand-cuffed Gerard.
  "You sure have a nose for these perverts." the officer added as he walked
  his prisoner away. "They are innocent until proven perverts." Amanda winked
  at the officer. He gave a hardy laugh. "Jesus! It was just a poker game!"
  Gerard's final words were followed by the slam of the police wagon doors.
  Amanda stood six feet tall in her knee-high cowhide boots. Her jeans showed
  the firm legs of an athletic woman. She strapped her shotgun inside her
  canvas windbreaker and mounted her pinto. She would begin the questioning
  personally after she escorted the sodomites to the police station.

        "God did not spare His only Son," she whispered as she trotted her horse
  over the asphalt road down Broadway, New York.

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