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What do you do with a neurotic actress?
        "I wonder why men like to stare so much? Are they afraid of me?"
  Connie Britton started the conversation at IHOP. Muzzy squirmed in his
  bench seat. It had no back support and made him slouch over.
  "Maybe it's that dolly you carry with you?" Muzzy eyed the menu.
  "What's wrong with my dolly?" Connie gave an angry glare.
  "Oh-nothing just odd a 44 year old woman would carry one." Muzzy smiled.
  "So what? I do what I please and besides this is my best friend, Pippy."
  Connie fingers the dolls golden locks with a sad expression.

        "Ah-I'll have the pancakes and steak and you?" Muzzy tried to lighten things
    up. "Just some orange juice and an omelette and some french fries and sausages.
    I'm not hungry." she handed the menu to the waitress in the checkered dress.
    Connie continued to finger the dolls hair. "Is there something special about that
    dolly?" Muzzy was trying to make conversation. "It reminds me of death." she
    said flatly.

        "Do you like messages?" Muzzy queried. Connie looked up from her doll and
    said in a child's voice "Your a dirty old man. But, I'm not wearing panties."
    Muzzy laughed. "Death wants to go to the ladies room." Connie continued and
    waved her dolly's right arm at Muzzy; "Do you want to watch?"
    Muzzy scrambled out of his bench and followed the actress into the single toilette.
    Connie put her dolly down on the sink and both hands on the sink's edge.
    "I like it in the back." she pulled up her black dress exposing her well toned butt.
    Muzzy mounted her doggy style. Connie grunted, her eyes were fixed on the doll.
    "I'm a free bitch!" she growled. Muzzy gasped, "I hear that a lot."

          They returned to their table with a voracious appetite. Connie ate with her hands
    and licked the plate. Her chin had syrup on it. Muzzy licked it off.
    "That was fantastic." he remarked. "I like being an escort. It gives me grit."
    she answered and used a toothpick. "How about a blow job in the pick up?"
    Muzzy pressed on. Connie picked her dolly up and stared into its glass eyes.
    "Does death want me to give a blow job?" she asked and replied in a squeaky
    girls voice; "You know you want it." Muzzy had a great ride back to the motel.

      "I love actresses." he sighed as Connie's limo finally arrived to take her
      to her next client. She was a method actress and needed the experience for her
      next role as a escort.. That's was her excuse.

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