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This poem is based off of The Raven. There's back ground, email if you want to know it.
Just a girl of normal background
Nothing to lose. Nothing to gain.
Merely there, nothing special.
Just a face in the crowd is me.

I walk through halls
I wave. I speak.
But if I vanish into ashes
Not a soul would remember anything
But my name.

Why do the gods torment me with this name!?
Who told my parents that such a name
Such a wondrous name
Should be bestowed on a blank child?

Lenore. Lenore, Lenore, Lenore!
Oh why did they give the name of glory to me?!
A name like Lenore you’d give to an angel!
Not me…

The name Lenore describes a woman
So unrivaled in beauty. So unchallenged in grace. So unbeaten in all.
Someone who’d drive you mad when they’re gone
Not make you sigh.
Someone who haunts you in your dreams
Not someone you can easily brush from your memories.
A woman you’d sell your soul to see again
Not a girl you’d watch drown.

As Edgar quoth the Raven, I say the crow.
For I am far from a radiant maiden
So my face I dare not show.

A raven appears at the thought of her
Yet a crow appears at my glance.
I am Lenore, but not in being. Only by name
Oh how I wish to be different.

I long to be a glorious raven
Whose person is true to Lenore.
Alas, I am a crow.
Darkened by my legacy of ill fortune.

An omen of death, I am.
And yet she brings a man to the brinks of insanity.
Willing to give anything
To be with her once more.

How I beg to be held like her.
To be charming, radiant and unique.
How I’ve dreamt for someone to miss me as he missed her.
Enough so to die.

Lenore, your name mocks me.
Please, show some mercy.
Make me into one who can carry your name proud!
Not be an insult to it…

Make me into the woman you are!
Proud, amazing, a goddess on earth!
Give this crow some ounce of hope for itself!

Oh Raven, be my teacher!
Show an ebony bird to be beautiful!
Let me be more than nothing!
Only a bit more…
Anything but Nothing.

Raven, give me more than “Nevermore”!
Please Lenore!
The name means moaning unless the being is true to it!
And I am nothing…
Dirt under ashes in your shadow…

If you give me anything;
A flicker of light to my smile
I will be grateful.
And if not…

Then find it in your heart
To wrap my soul in your angel arms
And teach these black and broken wings
To Fly.

-Dani Diaz
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1851398