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and maybe then you'll realize how fortunate you are too
Have a little something and you will go to bed
Have a little something it will clear you head
But then you have a little more of something
It makes you just shake in the beginning but then there's an
Earthquake in the center of your brain
There's something that has not come yet to your understanding
That you have just been in an exploding car crash with gasoline raining down using fear as its perfect kindling
Just fueling and enabling and then the the accident turns around
There's a scent that something will blow up and you will die inside the fire
Little insects crawling with their million legs on all your wires

Everyone always says the places where the put you when you lose it
Are like riding through the forest it's easy if you choose it
Somebody flicks a cigarette and dry air comes in through a cyclone
You smell the burning of the wood and notice an eerie glow
But by that time the chances of getting safe out of the trees
You go down the the fumes of smoke and a the sensation of a million stings of bees
Your flesh is now the fire and your fire now your skin
And there's only one being out there now that knows how much pain your in
Suddenly you wake up and they'd hastened to your rescue
Suddenly you realize that people had come to get you
The dragged with your melting flesh cause they saw you in the fire
By then everything is burning even most of the surface of the wires

Mom I'm really sorry but I kind of misplaced my head
It was holding all my pills and wallet and all my cards inside it
It was holding all my information and the important papers
I must have put it down for just a second and then walked quickly away
Really I thought I had mom thought my entire day
I know I'm sorry I know you told me to be careful
I know I'm sorry I promised not to be so forgetful
But help please it will take a while to get everything replaced
Until then everything I really need is gone so we have to get around it
When I got home every poster of my dreams looked like they were destoyed by vandals
The lights on every ceiling were busted out and so I had to see with candles
All the walls are written on and some are splattered bloody
No I swear I was out when my home was so disgraced

But the man who wore blue fabric with white shoes puts his hand firmly on my shoulder
Suddenly as it comes back to me the room feels a little colder
I was home when all that happened I remember someone was attacked
But I can't get a picture of my face inside my mind even though I tried looked back
The smile on the man was that of one who was a lair
Nothing was the same as only a few weeks prior
Another man took my arm and escorted me to nowhere
They took off all my clothes and left me there alone
They took away contact with anyone they cut the cord between the wall and the
only phone
Inside the room God has a hard time seeing me because I was so far away
Out in the distant nothing I still tried to find him anyway

Take a little something don't worry if it makes you drowsy
Take this little this and that if you say you feeling lousy
Everyone in a circle tells you to find a higher power
Everyone inside this circle is hallucinating pretty birds and flowers
Meanwhile the forest is engulfed by flames and burning to the ground
They can only give you sayings they can only drag themselves around
They tell you if you follow them skipping down a path
You will regain all you lost in the fire's wrath
But you point out look behind you the birds are now all dead
Just a drop of water can short out all the wires in your head

So please leave me alone I am recovering from the wreckage
I just want to take what's left of me and try to make a new package
Try to sort it out and take put it together piece by piece
Without the any man  ordering me when I don't want it to get down on my knees
God took his hand and saved my flesh and put there what needed to be grafted
He made sure my birth-date didn't come up when everyone else was getting drafted
I thought I was alone but I was only by myself
I'd be that way a just short moments at a time if I let in everyone else
Of course you can't let them all in there's risk of overcrowding
Soon enough they'll be to many people in the water and all of us will be drowning
I barely make it inside the boats they use to rescue people from the waters
I realize then that I'm alive but what about the others
The others are still screaming and they're using each other to try to float
While some people take the oars and they row away the boat
I look back and you know that oh God that could have just been me
But here I am I have been rescued so now it's time to be
Something more than just a body in the water crying
Something more then a shortage in the wiring.
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