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by George
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My philosophical view of matrimony.
Dear God,

  My wife is a ceaseless challenge.  She is there at every advantage to seduce me into mindless rage.  With her, I have sinned.  I pray you read these words, God; I thank you.  She contracts me to critical thinking.  She provokes me to betray myself—a thing every man needs.  Thank you for my wife; she is beautiful beyond words of any language.  She is kind with a motionless heart.  She is an answer to every prayer I’ve uttered, so cleverly disguised as merely a mortal being.  She is what I understand love to be.  Her heart is the standard my soul aspires to rise.

  She has challenged me, my every thought.  She has demanded to be heard and you made her voice echo like thunder within me.  She has helped me to understand you as much as I do.  Like me, she continues to try and understand what you are a little better.  She knows me better than any creature on earth; still, she loves me.  I am ashamed of what sorrows I’ve made her suffer in our years together.  I’ve not made much of myself in this life, but I swear I should pay any currency you demand that she would live a rich life in the next.

  There is no greater joy a man can know than being loved by his wife.  There is no greater thing you have made than this.  By it, I am humbled.  I know that whatever may come, my soul is a better thing to have known her.  Thank you for my wife.  She has forged me into a better man.  If you read this, God, I beg you take any good thing I might have beyond the veil of life and give it to her and to her children.  I owe to them so much in this life that there could be no hope of repaying it.

  Yours, Truly,
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