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A tasty bite about herbal delights
Apples, oranges,
spinach and peas
good for you
and so healthy

should you doubt,
spy a culinary manual
read and study
1st chapter of Daniel

lest Daniel and nutrition
remain a mystery
let me explain
to you the history

so once reigned a king,
strong and mighty
all other monarchs lesser

invaded Israel
and way beyond
captured slaves
for his Babylon

for his court
sought the best and bright
to give advice
to lead him right

ordered his captain,
serve them my feast
wines, sauces
and scrumptious roast beast

the official to Daniel
relayed the news
which gave our man
the dietary blues

so said he
“here’s what to do
divide my crew
into groups of two

the first chow down
the king’s fatty platter
the four of us
vegetarian matter

and ten days later
we’ll see who’s straighter
whose faces are fuller
and complexions greater

and it came to pass
two days times five
the herbal eaters
more wise and alive

and with this
the king was well pleased
and so allowed
their roots, berries and leaves

Daniel did well
to stick to his diet
so I suggest
that we go and try it

and the moral of the story
well, can’t  you see
if it’s good enough  for Daniel
it’s good enough for me
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