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Ninja Feminist

          Doctor Ruthless sat on the View bare chested.
    He was promoting his new book on confrontational feminism.
    "Barbara I can sit here on your show bare chested and not have my
    breasts blurred by your censures. But, if any of you ladies bared your
    breasts on network television your breasts would be blurred and you could
    be arrested for obscenity. Is this not hypocrisy? If the sexes are equal, then
    why is it illegal for women to bare their breasts?"
    Barbara made a nasal noise and pulled her blouse off and then her bra.
    The audience applauded and cheered. "I can't stop the censures, but here
    are my old boobs." she squeezed her breasts and laughed.
    Woopie followed her example and flopped her breasts up on the table
    The rest of the View cast went topless too.
    Doctor Ruthless looked over at the slender blond at the table.
    "You'd hardly have anything to show." he chortled and the audience laughed.
    "It is silly. Europeans think we Americans are so childish about breasts."
    the blond pundit interjected and stripped completely. She had a bikini wax.
    The audience cheered as she mooned them and giggled.
    "How many of our audience would like to go topless outside?" Doctor Ruthless
    stood and several topless ladies followed him outside onto the city sidewalk.
    "Let's go get some ice cream cones!" he shout and walked over to an ice cream
    truck. "The ice cream is on me!" the doctor said.
    The topless ladies of the View waved at honking cars and licked their cones.

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