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Historically, governments make pirates out of the heroes from forgotten wars! Romantic?
            AR-R-R Mateys, The Rum Has Me Now!

      I have been blessed, to have sailed, not all, but a small portion of the largest ocean of this world!

        The Pacific Ocean is vast and those who sail on that water are above what is below!  You think I joke!?  I know what I am speaking of and I also have some knowledge of what I am speaking against!

          People of this world have inherent qualities that define the essence of their very being!  We trade, we laugh, we enjoy each others individuality!  Who says what is good or right?  Simple answer-a Government.

            It's funny to me when one day you are a freedom fighter and the next day you become a pirate!  Overnight.


      Yea.  You think right now, that this jerk, being me, doesn't have a leg to stand on.  Historically, one doesn't have to read between the lines to discover what makes a heroic naval patriot today, a pirate tomarrow!  But really what I don't want to do is have you read history!  See-I am a pirate.  It's a thought process.

            I sailed not the seven seas but a world outside of a complacency.  I wanted to sea/see if the ocean really covered as much space as the flat round ball on my wall and if! It matched my imagination!

              A pirate is any being, to " question", to "go against the flow", to, " think outside the box". to " dream".!!!

      When a country declares " WAR," on another country, pirates are born!  Peace is determined by governments?  I think not!!!  War is, though! And the, of course, " To the victor goes the spoils"!  The victor also gets to re-write history.

              All historical pirates only became pirates when the particular governments came into an equation of peace.  So, overnight, peace between territorial governments was made and entered into, a treaty or agreement that I, a sailor, citizen, with God country at heart must honor.

    Only to a degree, I might add.  Secretly, under the table, continually, taking ships from France and Spain and their treasures but-- if caught?  England did not condone this extreme act of piracy. 

              So what has changed?  Nothing.  Why should it?  It works.  What I despise are the lies!  Graft, payola!  Simoncy allows a catholic to pay for his way to heaven.  Ask " the pope,"  he'll tell you all about Peter and how he's" The Rock"! Remember that song by Lead Zephlin, "  And I'm buying a stairway to heaven"?

    I really have no fondness for certain parts of the history of man.  What Catholics are not honing up to is " The Inquisition", 400 years with another 100 from Spain, is unacceptable.  Who are or were the pirates? The Jesuit Priesthood?  Did that really happen?

      What were the  " The Dark Ages" to you?  Check your country out now! 

              Welcome to piracy of the lowest order.  Remember King George, the turd, sorry the third!  Boston ( not my favorite place ) tea party, taxation without representation?  Welcome to today!  Who said, "History can not repeat itself" ?  Not me.  Welcome to my world fellow PIRATE!!!  AArrh matey, give me sum more of that

swill!  That's a good lad Z-z-Z-zz-zzzz!!! And a lime.......Capt. Marlin Spike, to you..................



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