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Sacrificing ones self for the sins of the world...
It was only minutes until the stage light would flash and summon him on stage.  The small box above the door was lifeless, symbolic almost.  Zoning out in deep thought, the pulsing red light brought both him and the room to life.  ‘On Air’.  It was time.

His stomach turned with anxiousness and excitement.  His only thoughts were if he was about to make a difference and if so, the difference he is hoping for.   

In the background a show executive could be overheard stating that 80 million people had tuned in already.  A small figure when considering the aftermath of youtube hits, news accounts, paper articles, live debates.  Fame would certainly follow, but no fortune.

11 minutes in, he announces to the world that despite the countless times evil has been witnessed in the world, there is hope.  “Everyone who feels let down, angry or frustrated, misheard, misrepresented or even ashamed, place your concerns on my shoulders and use this bullet to wipe away all of those feelings.  Today is your new dawn and tomorrow is yours to embrace, encourage others, uphold all that is just, smile and live to make this world a better place.”

With those final words, he holds the fully loaded .45 caliber CS45 handgun to his forehead...time slows down and a smile creeps onto his face. 
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