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An outline for the Novel, A Son for Prince Koltar, Lsn 8 EWW
Outline #2  Exploratory Writing Workship, Lesson 8

Name:  A son for Prince Koltar

Overall Story Image:

Author:  Percy Goodfellow

Prose sketch of the Main Characters:

Chief Rathome
Lord Marcutti
Prince Koltar

Tactical Writing:

Begin Play at Good Spot:  The play begins with relationships and events that are formative in Volusia’s life. The life changing event is her killing of Sheriff Volgar.

Operational Writing:

Deciding on the Central Character:  Initially I considered Rindar but as the vignettes unfolded I decided on Volusia.  This has been a back and forth process… Volusia or Rindar.

Supporting and Minor Characters:  Volusia is the CC.  Rindar is the major supporting character.  The Antagonist is Lord Marcutti.

The three Crisis are  1) Rindar’s facing almost certain death at the hands of Lord Marcutti, 2)  Volusia faced with facilitating the death of Lord Marcutti and  3)  Volusia’s showdown with her ex-master Prince Koltar.

This story really sagged in the middle.  Not only did it sag but the pace slowed to a crawl.  To try and fix these structural deficiencies I introduced an sub story of Moogy making his way back to the settlement in search of Rindar and his mother….The miss each other like ships passing in the night and Moogy winds up meeting his father… This picks things up a bit and still leaves Rindar, Volusia and Prince Koltar for the finial crisis at the end.

Modus Opperendi will be shown at regular intervals.  I will need to do this better with all the characters.  There will be pauses where I can work in the character snapshots.  The key will be pacing and the gradually rising dramatic intensity curve, with the feeding of conflicts that lead to the three crisis.  The same will hold for symbolism and themes.

Strategic Writing.

CC’s Want Need or Desire.  Volusia wants Rindar for a husband.  She needs  the esteem of being a Medicine Woman and being able to do good and Heal those around her.  She desires a deep relationship with the Gods.

The dramatic premise.  Following a sense of righteousness leads to a fulfilled life.

Crisis #1 Chapter 5... Crisis #2 Chapter 8... Crisis #3... Chapter 19

Chapter 1 Powerful Enemies

Actually writing a three sentence synopsis might be redundant given the bullets….However, in the actual writing, starting with the bullets, then writing a synopsis and then expanding the synopsis into descriptive prose and dialogue might not be a bad idea.  Also expressing what you want the chapter to accomplish for the reader, how it relates to the dramatic premise and how it moves the story along is worth formally considering before you start on the actual writing.

This first chapter will be rich in sensory and emotional content.

1.  Prince Koltar refuses to marry Volusia… conflict #1

2.  Lord Marcutti propositions Volusia…  conflict # 2

3. Sheriff Volgar is told to “Tame Volusia”

4.  Sheriff Volgar is killed by Volusia…conflict #3

5.  Volusia and Moogy and Tupa flee to the Rim Lands.

Chapter 2  The Encounter

1.  Rindar sees Volusia and children in the valley along the River (Image of Rindar)

2.Volusia and children encounter Rindar who saves them from wolves (Image of Volusia)… conflict #4

3. Incident with the rabbit

4. Description of the encampment.

5. Rindar gives Volusia “The Sign.”…conflict #5

Chapter 3  Family Man

1. Rindar and Moogy

2. Rindar and Tupa

3.  Rindar and Volusia

4.  Twilight of the Gods

5.  Chief Rathome’s Visitor… conflict #6

Chapter 4  The Hunting Game

1.  Palottie seeks out Rindar

2.  Moogy and Palottie strike up conversation

3.  Lord Marcutti ‘s summons… conflict #7

4.  Rindar relates why he is in exile

5.  Volusia suggests a strategy

Chapter 5  Rindar’s Prowess

Crisis # 1

1.  Rindar Prays

2.  Rindar escapes the camp…conflict 8

3.  Ambush #1.…conflict 9

4.  Ambush #2.…conflict 10

5.  The wounding of Lord Marcutti and his son… conflict 11

Chapter 6 Volusia Saves Marcutti’s Son
1.  Volusia is called to treat Marcutti’s Son

2.  He discovers she is the medicine woman and promises if his son survives the Games will end.  Conflict 12

3.  He refuses treatment of his own wounds and they become septic.

4.  The boy survives and has heard his father’s promise

5.  Marcutti is taken back to the settlement in a fevered state.

Chapter 7 Dealing with Lord Marcutti

1.  Rindar returns alive

2.  Rindar recounts what happened

3.  The decision is made to return to the settlement and determine if Lord Marcutti intends to follow through on his promise

4.  Volusia tells her parents what happened and where she has been… conflict 13

5.  She and Rindar work up a cover story

Chapter 8  Prince Koltar’s Situation

1.  Prince Koltar has suffered a wound that will keep him form having children.

2.  His father and mother want him to produce an Heir…Conflict 15

3.  He has been thinking of Volusia the past two years and sees his ready made family as the answer to the problem

4.  He is told that during his absence Volusia has disappeared.. Conflict 16

5.  He decides to go and check things out.

Chapter 9  Moral Dilemma

Crisis #2

1.  The new Sheriff finds and summons Volusia to treat Lord Marcutti

2.  He is in a bad way…if she does nothing he will die…

3.  Rindar pleads to let nature take its course..

4.  She treats him and he survives.  Conflict 14

5.  They get word that Prince Koltar is back from the wars.

Chapter 10.  Lord Marcutti’s wrath

1.  Lord Marcutti recovers and is told that Volusia saved his life

2.  He is also told that Prince Koltar has returned form the wars.

3.  He knows his life is in jeopardy if Koltar finds out his role in the Sheriff’s death.  Conflict 17

4.  He is told that Volusia was seen with Rindar riding out into the Rim lands.

5.  He resolves to take an armed force and expunge the Buffalo village from the face of the earth.

Chapter 11.  Lord Marcutti’s resolve

1.  Lord Marcutti gives orders to mount the garrison…

2. His son reminds him that Volusia saved both their lives…conflict 18

3.  He replies they will have no life if Koltar finds Volusia

4. His son refuses to be part of the massacre…Tells his father, she should have killed you when she had the chance.

5. As Lord Marcutti is about to ride off…Prince Koltar arrives

Chapter 12 A timely arrival

1.  Prince Koltar sees the assembled host

2.  Marcutti explains the retribution he has planned

3.  Koltar tells Marcutti to stand down and report to him

4.  Marcutti reluctantly agrees

5.  Koltar assesses the situation

Chapter 13  Investigation

1.  Koltar questions Marcutti

2.  Koltar questions Volusia Parents

3.  Koltar questions Sheriff Volgar’s deputy

4.  Koltar questions the serving matrons

5.  Koltar questions Marcutti’s Deputy

Chapter 14  The hearing

1.  Calling the court

2.  Framing the charges

3.  Questioning the witnesses

4.  Confronting the Accused

5.  Finding in favor.

Chapter 15  Moogy’s adventure

1.  Trek to the settlement

2.  Ships passing in he night

3.  Taken

4.  Imprisoned

5.  Lord Marcutti’s Son

Chapter 16 Unexpected Meeting

1.  Lord Marcutti’s son goes to Lord Koltar

2.  Offers information in return for commuting fathers sentence.

3.  Says he knows where Moogy and Volusia are

4.  Koltar agrees

5.  Koltar meets Moogy.

Chapter 17  Marcutti’s wrath

1.  Lord Marcutti is Banished

2.  Kills his son in rage

3.  Assembles his trusted followers

4. Sets out bent on revenge on the village

5. Lord Koltar sets out in pursuit.

Chapter 18  Force March

1.  Marcutti is overtaken and slain

2.  Koltar is impressed by his son.

3.  Moogy makes his father swear to spare the Buffalo Clan

4.  Fills him in on the back story

5.  Scout reports the village is in a defensive posture

Chapter 19 The Face Off

Crisis #3

1.  Prince Koltar confronts the Buffalo Clan with a thousand cavalrymen.

2.  He discovers that Volusia and his two children are living in the Buffalo camp.

3. Prince Koltar Demands her return

4.  Volusia and Rindar discuss what needs to be done

5.  Volusia and Prince Koltar have a little talk.

Chapter 20 Family Meeting

1.  Priced Koltar sits down with Volusia and Rindar

2.  Custody of the Children is determined.

3.  Volusia’s role in Prince Koltar’s Life

4.  A satisfactory solution is reached

5.  Volusia and Rindar return to the Buffalo tribe and celebrate nuptials.

Epilogue:  Hinting at Book 2

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