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Raven and her friend Shaun hide from the killler, that is her father.
"In there," I whispered pointing at a crack in the mountains side, just big enough for the two of us. We ran into it squeezing inside, just making it, are faces pressing together.
I heard him from the outside, his deep, harsh voice that bore into soul like a like a spear. "I know they're out their out there, and when I find them they will die a painful death."
My heartbeat quickened and could hear Shaun's swallow. I gagged slightly, for the scent of his fear so strong my nose burning.
"Did you hear that minion?" he asked to the his minion, whom I had seen before. The minion was as black as death itself and as deadly as a pit viper soaked in rattle snake poison.
"Yes, Master. I heard the noise, and I smell...I smell the fear a human child," the creature rasped scenting the air.
Shaun's eyes widened. He knew they spoke him, the only human left.
"Humm..." he sighed, his voice full confusion and wonder.
I smile spread across face, even though Shaun and I were in a near death experience it still made happy to make him confused. A used to love doing that to him when I was younger, stealing his potions.
"Master," rasped the minion,"maybe they are elsewhere. Let us move on."
"No minion!" he shouted at the beast, "The human is here. I can sense his aura, he is near...very near."
"Mmmm," I whimpered. A spider had crawled across my mouth.
Shaun lifted a finger and flicked the hairy, black beast off me. Then he lifted a finger to his lip, in a silencing motion.
Suddenly I saw a black hand reach into the caveren we were in.
"Master! Master! I have the human!" cried the minion as he grabbed Shaun's shirt.
"No!" I cried, trying to pull him back into our hiding spot, but was pulled out to. I had forgotton how strong the minion was.
"Raven," spat my father, the man we had been hiding from, "What a...suprise. Are you here to join us at last?"
"Not on my life," I cried back at him.
"Oh," said father, but then to my demise grapped Shaun and held a silver and black knife to his throat. Then, with his eyes shooting daggers spat at me, "But what about this handsome human. Join us now, or he dies!"
"Don't do it Raven!" he told me, but was quickly silenced by a punch from the minion.
I quickly glanced from my father to Shaun, wondering painfully what to do.
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