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What do you do with a hot 18 year old pirate boy? Ask Megan and Jennifer!
"Megan, it's that pirate boy! Why is he here in our cabin?"

"I don't know. Okay, little boy, we battled your pirate friends with a candle snuffer, gun and hat pin. We can take you out. What weapon do you want us to use?" Megan was ready to take on the pirate boy.

"Please, Miss, I mean you no harm. It was only my second voyage with those pirates. I am Quentin Alcott. My father died and left me and my Mom penniless. I took odd jobs like cleaning up the bar, a factory job sewing clothes and my mother married a banker who was well off. He hated me and beat me. He threw me out. Madame Claudette wanted me to work in her Brothel. The prostitutes wanted to take turns with me and I can't use women like that. This pirate Nibelus told me how great a pirate's life would be. I could travel anywhere and have all kind of treasures. Those pirates I was, with murdered people. I was shocked. I wanted to quit. I was afraid of Nibelus. When the Navy showed up and captured the other pirates, I was scared. I ran and hid. I am sorry I am in your cabin. I don't know what to do. I didn't want to get captured. I didn't want to be hung. Please. Don't turn me in. Will you hide me?"

"Hide you? You can't stay in our room. We have boyfriends and we would be hanged, too for hiding you." Jennifer didn't know what to do.

"We can't let him be hung. We will have to tell Miles and Bradley about him. He looks like Nick Carter of The Backstreet Boys. Cute. Megan giggled."

" You and those Backstreet Boys! Seriously? Bradley and Miles will think we are cougars. Bradley will shoot him!" Jennifer fidgeted with her hat.

"Cougars? What does that mean?" Quentin asked.

"Cougars are older women who date and make love with men young enough to be their sons." Megan smiled at the young man. Quentin blushed.

"Megan, don't smile at him like that. You are engaged!"

"Get real. I am just being nice. I am going to tell Miles about Quentin."

"I will go get Bradley. Are you going to stay here? If you do, don't steal anything!" Jennifer said.

"I won't miss. There won't be any cougars coming to visit? I was almost seduced by "cougars" at the Brothel." Quentin blushed again.

"No, you will be safe here. I hope Miles and Bradley will go easy on him. He is cute." Megan smiled.

"You are a cougar! Let's go!" Jennifer took Megan's arm and they went to find Miles and Bradley.

Quentin sat on Megan's bed. He hoped he wouldn't be hung. Megan seemed so nice. Jennifer was probably nice, too.

"Oh, Megan, how in the world do we get ourselves in these messes? One thing after another! Gypsies, pirates, vampires, werewolves, a fever that almost killed me, being put under a love curse, a broken moonstone that could have taken us home and now a pirate boy who probably has the hots for you! What next? We meet a mermaid, mermen, King Titian, Moby Dick, a great white shark or the Lochness Monster?"

"Jennifer, we met our husbands to be and we love them. We met Jane Austen and she is a close friend. Meeting gypsies and pirates was fun. I wouldn't mind meeting the Lockness Monster. I would like to meet mermaids. We got to go back to the past and we have had a lot of fun. Miles and Bradley are so wonderful. That young boy doesn't have the hots for me but I don't want to see him hung."

Jennifer and Megan kept walking on the ship and they saw Bradley and Miles talking to the Captain. The women froze. Bradley and Miles smiled and embraced their wives to be.

"Are you alright?" Miles asked Megan.

"I am fine but I need to talk to you."

"I need to talk to you, too." Jennifer said to Bradley as he kissed her cheek.

"Is something wrong?" Bradley asked.

"Can we go to the other side of the ship where there is are people?" Megan asked.

Miles put his arm around Megan and Bradley took Jennifer's hand and they walked to the other side of the ship. They got to the other side. There were no people around and Megan looked at the ocean.

"What do you need to tell us?" Bradley asked.

"Please don't be mad and just listen. You both have to promise you won't hurt him." Megan's eyes pleaded.

"Hurt who? Him who? What is going on?" Bradley asked.

"There is a young pirate boy hiding in our cabin. The Navy men didn't get him. He was abused by his stepfather and he thought being a pirate was going to be great but he didn't know it meant killing people. He was hesitant when we saw him with the other pirates. We don't want him to be hung. He made a mistake." Megan held her head down.

"Bradley, you know the Captain. You could get him to help him." Jennifer squeezed Bradley's hand.

"Did he threaten you or try to hurt you ladies?" Miles asked.

"Of course not. He is only eighteen and he is scared. He had no one to help him. Bradley, will you help him?" Megan looked so sad.

"I want to meet him. I don't like pirates but I have never been a snob and neither has Miles. Some people are born into money and others have to struggle to survive. I do feel for them. We have always helped others. Take us to this pirate. He is young so he probably could use a fresh start."

Miles, Megan, Bradley and Jennifer walked across the ship to the women's cabin. A drunken man almost tripped Jennifer.

"Dumb Ass!" Jennifer exclaimed.

"Darling, you are supposed to be a lady." Bradley reminded her.

"As soon as I get to France." Jennifer hoped she would keep that promise.

They made it back to the women's cabin. Megan opened the door. Quentin was sitting on Megan's bed.

"Would you mind getting off my wife to be's bed?" Miles grumbled.

"I am sorry, Sir." Quentin looked scared.

"Our wives to be have told us about you. They said you need our help. I am Bradley Kentsworth. This is Miles Dawson.Why should we help you?"

"I am Quentin Alcott. I didn't want to be a pirate. My stepfather kicked me out. I had honest jobs except for the Brothel and those women wanted me to do things a gentleman shouldn't do. I quit. Nibelus made the pirate's life sound like a good life. They murdered people. I didn't expect that. It made me sick and I wanted to leave but Nibelus threatened me. This was my second raid and I didn't hurt anyone or steal anything. I didn't do anything on the other raid, either. I knew Nibelus was going to beat me this time but the Navy came along and captured them. I hid. I hid in your wives to be cabin and I am sorry. I don't want to hang. I want to escape off this ship quietly. Can you help me?"

"I will have to talk to the Captain. I can't promise you anything but I will plead your case with the Captain. You don't seem like a cut throat pirate. You are just a Lad and you deserve a second chance. I will go talk to the Captain." Bradley hugged Jennifer and told her he would be back.

Miles decided to stay with the women and keep his eye on the pirate.

"I imagine you have always been rich. You have no idea what is like to struggle through life." Quentin looked scared.

"I was born into a rich family. Like Bradley said, you deserve a second chance."

"Thanks, Miles. I knew you would understand." Megan embraced Miles.

"You know I would do anything for you. I love you that much."

"Are you an only child?" Jennifer asked Quentin.

"Yes, I am. I am glad. My stepfather would probably abuse my siblings if I would have had any. I was afraid he might kill me. I am not able to help my mother. After she married him, I didn't seen important anymore."

"You can be. The Captain will probably have sympathy for you." Miles said.

Finally Bradley came back. "Young man, the Captain wants to see you. He won't turn you in but you have to prove yourself. He wants to give you a job on the ship.You don't cause any problems and work hard, you won't be turned in. I hope you will honor this agreement."

"I will, Sir. I love the sea and this will be an honest living. Thank you, Sir." Quentin shook Bradley's hand and he turned to look at Megan and Jennifer. "Thank you, Ladies. I will keep my promise." He shook hands with Megan and Jennifer.

"Thanks, Bradley." Megan smiled.

"You are the best." Jennifer looked into Bradley's eyes.

"I can't say no to you. Megan has that charm, too with Miles."

"Best of luck to you." Miles shook Quentin's hand.

Bradley left with Quentin.

"I am glad that worked out. I bet Bradley could charm a shark." Megan giggled.

"He is wonderful. I just hope his family admire him and love him like I do." Jennifer dreaded meeting Bradley's family.

"They do. They will like you, too." Miles smiled.

Bradley, Megan, Miles and Megan went to eat dinner that night. Quentin was with some of the crew men minding the sails as the couples walked past. He waved at them and smiled. He seemed happy. Megan and Jennifer was glad this had worked out for the young pirate man. Just then a big wind came up but it looked like the ship's crew had things under control. Megan hoped it would be smooth sailing. Maybe they would see the Lochness Monster. Who knows?

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