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Article about Highmage's Plight and it being the world's 1st evolving online series!
I love reading books and re-reading favorite books. I’ve loved reading those stories again and again, but a few years ago it occurred to me that in a digital age, why can't my favorite book evolve further? I mean, what if you re-read that favorite book and the dialogue or an action a character took changed. What if there was a new chapter in the book with another story integral to the plot?

My problem was once I had the idea; I had to figure out how I might do it. My other problem was, I wasn’t a published author. Oh, I’d dreams of being one. I’d written stories since I was a teenage and throughout college. But I didn’t take those rejection forms well.

So, I thought about all the novels I had written, particularly Highmage’s Plight and several sequels that no one knew existed.

I spoke with a consultant, who suggested I check out Writing.com and my stories had a home and my idea suddenly had a means to become a plan, if not yet a reality.

I began serializing Highmage’s Plight on Writing.com, then learned of an ezine, Separate Worlds (www.separateworlds.com), whose editor was interested in publishing speculative fiction, honed on Writing.com. So I submit Highmage’s Plight, story by story, and its appeared regularly in its digital pages ever since.

I was tremendously pleased to be invited by Separate Worlds’ publisher to participate in an exclusive author anthology, featuring the three opening tales of Highmage’s Plight, https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/139871 (released through Smashwords on March 7, 2012). Then I learned of a relatively new small press, Malachite Quills Publishing, and submitted Highmage’s Plight for their consideration as a complete novel. They released Highmage’s Plight for Kindle on March 9, 2012 http://amzn.to/ynvrFH.

So, I’m now a sci fi/fantasy author with this evolving novel idea, using the resources of Writing.com. And, I’m offering buyers of the ebook novel the opportunity to have exclusive access to Highmage’s Plight and the sequels that are and will be serialized first for them before being published to the world… Or so I hope.

Access to Highmage’s Plight is now to Highmage’s Plight – Dhr2believe.net Group members only and a select group of friends of the project. I will be offering membership slots every month on a promotional basis at this point.

To learn more about Highmage’s Plight and this project, visit www.dhr2believe.net. You can follow news on the Highmage’s Blog, facebook, and twitter.

Welcome to the world of Highmage’s Plight, where his plight can become your own…

- Highmage D.H. Aire
Author of Highmage's Plight (Malachite Quills Publishing, March 2012)

Coverart for my new book released on Kindle (March 9, 2012)
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