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A simple lesson learnt through the journey of life.
When I put forth what I really thought,
Silence is golden, I was told..
When I stood up for what I believed,
Grow up and be patient, they would scold.

The seasons flew, the skies did change..
Under the bridge flowed the water..
I grew up.. And so did my heart..
What died, was my constant chatter.

I still know what I want, but I dare not speak..
My fragile mind has learnt restraint.
My silences are longer than they used to be,
My poise is now my most brilliant trait.

Loosen up, have some fun,
New advice now from everyone..
Speak your heart, don't hold it in,
You'll suffocate, and choke within.

What is the problem with this world?
Why don't it's people just let me be?
Labels and judgements in abundance are,
Soon gonna take my sanity!

No matter what I try to be..
Whether old or young at heart,
I can't please them all at once,
So why should this pretence even start..?

Each morning now the sun nudges me awake,
And a lazy smile shapes my lips..
I know I've found a safe harbour for my heart..
I need not steer anyone else's Ships!
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