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There is at least something to this Karma thing.

Karma…one word yet you know right away what I’m talking about. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some crack pot who runs around spouting off obnoxious sermons to people who really aren’t interested. But think about it, when we are in a good frame of mind, doesn’t everything seem to flow?

So what kind of person buys into Karma? Not me! I live my life as I choose, no set of rules or Devine writings are going to change how I live my life! Great, so you’re a free thinker, maybe even smart. If you’re so smart, then let’s take a more scientific approach to Karma. I agree that everyone should live their lives according to their own moral beliefs, maybe with the exception of sociopaths. My dad used to say, “Just remember son, you’re the only one that has to sleep with you.”

In my younger days, I worked hard and barely got ahead. Working in a corporate atmosphere as an unbridled marketing executive, I made plenty of enemies. During that period, I had an associate who always seemed to fall into the right place at the right time.

While I struggled with credit card debt and just barely making the payment on my small apartment and ten year old car, he built his multi million dollar home and bought all the luxuries of life. I have to admit, I felt he did better than he should have. As time progressed, life kept sending him golden apples while I fought for crabapples. The less he did, the more he got, almost to the point where he just expected things to drop from the sky.

It took ten years but the tables did turn. Karma bit him like the snake that he had become. His son was murdered, his wife left him and the stress of daily life tormented him to a wraith like appearance.

My life turned the opposite direction, I have two healthy young boys, a young beautiful wife, four vehicles, a yacht (Albeit a small one), two homes and a thriving business. After my last business venture, I felt Karma owed me one anyway.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been experimenting with the ‘what goes around comes around.’ Admittedly, when you’re bad, that comes around much fast than when you’re good.

Today crossed me over to the karma side. Before I was just ‘Karma curious’, alright, so maybe I’m not sold on the entire Karma concept but the basic fundamentals seem reasonable.

Some days just seem impossible to get anything done without a hitch. Take today for example. The car started to act up so I took it down to the Ford dealer. After booking an appointment for repairs and lining everything up for tomorrow, the car suddenly stopped acting up.

I went to my business and found out a very important job couldn’t be completed until Saturday, yet that job needed to be completed so that the Friday job could be done. Next, they needed to do the Wednesday job Monday but they needed the Tuesday job first or they couldn’t finish the Monday one. Hello! That’s why it was lined up to go Wednesday not Monday.

My wife came in to discuss some renovations and it wasn’t long before we stormed off in different directions.

The day’s finally over and I agree to stop at the grocery store and pick up something for dinner. I have it set in my mind that I’ll stop at Safeway and pick up some chicken, baked goods and fresh vegetables.

I made a wrong turn and wound up in the parking lot of a big discount store. What the heck I say and in I go.

Since I never shop there, it took extra time to find the things I needed. Glancing at my watch, I knew I had to hurry, pushing on six thirty with young boys at home. Every turn I made, I ran into this older couple. You know the one’s, they park their cart in the middle of the aisle and stand in the rest of the pathway while they discuss the merits of brand versus no-name.

Patience is never a virtue when you have a shopping cart, it’s like the expressway and you better get the #@$%& outta my way! Actually it sounded more like, “Hi, could I please squeeze by?”

At any rate, I’m done and I head for the check-out. Lucky day! Here’s one, way over on the other side with only one person in line. I slide in. Looking across the store I notice the old couple getting in a long line. I snicker thinking how smart I am.

The foods on the counter and it’s my turn. I need six bags I tell her as she begins to ring up my order. Things are fine at first until my ‘sweet and spicy’ mustard won’t scan. Now in hind sight, I should have just left it behind but how was I to know that it would wind up being such a big deal. The cashier made some comments about being a Newbie that flew right over my head until, after waiting ten minutes for the price, she finalized my sale and I gave her my card. She swiped, I entered the necessary numbers and then the computer went Kaplooey. When she said that this has never happened in all the time she’s worked here, I asked, “and how long is that?” “Three days” she answered.

Three supervisors and a general manager later, I walked towards the door with my groceries. At the door is a lady who marks your receipt as you leave but she’s talking to her boyfriend or whoever on a cell phone. I keep walking.

I guess if I had just waited for her to finish on the phone, I might have avoided the parking lot, security guard episode.

Anyway, I’m loading my groceries as I hear, ‘Come on Earl, let’s go.” I look up to see the old couple putting away their cart and getting ready to leave. I toss the groceries in the front seat and jump in trying to beat Earl. It was of no avail as I spent the next five miles stuck behind the twenty five mile an hour Earl.

I guess it goes without saying that I burned the chicken and my nine year old called me a bad daddy. So I thought I might write this and earn some redemption and a fresh start for tomorrow.



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