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A letter to Pat Robertson.+

  The Bible describes Unicorns and Dragons. Aren't these mythological creatures?
  I recently had a discussion about Angels with a friend.
  Aren't Angels mythological? How do you prove these creatures exist?
  "How many Angels can sit on the head of a pin?" the philosopher Engels remarked.
  This is of course an absurd question. It is beyond natural reason.
  Dear, Reverend Pat Robertson,

            You are a highly educated man. Why then do you blindly accept mythology?
  I like your show. It makes me laugh. Do you really believe in Angels and Unicorns?
  We are not Gods. We must understand the world through our natural senses.
  Therefore, that which is not material is imaginary. This is an established Natural law
  of science. I think you are confusing compassion with science. We should love our
  selves and our neighbors and do unto others as you would want them to do to you.
  But, Reverend, that does not prove the existence of Unicorns.

            What is the Historical Method? How do we modern people understand the
  Bible stories of Dragons and Angels? It is logical to study the Bible as a record of
  an iron age tribe. The miracles are similar to Greek Heroic Iliad or Hindu
  transcendental meditation. They are mythological legends told for a moral.
  Reverend Robertson, please do not tell your listeners you can pray away a
  tornado. That is dangerous advise. Your recommendation not to build in tornado
  alley is sound natural reason.

  I hope you can be more critical in your thinking.

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