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Rated: 13+ · Appendix · Fantasy · #1853111
this is how I created my alter ego, Ava Poison...
Full Name – Ava Poison
Meaning of Name -- Mysterious
Nickname -- Ava
Birth Date –April 3, 1989
Astrological Sign and Details – Aries because her symbol is fire; she is very mysterious and feisty.
Birth Place –Bellevue, Ohio
Age --23
Nationality – Japanese-American
Race – Japanese-American
Hair Color – black with white bangs
Hair Style – down past the shoulders, bangs are cut at and angle
Shape and Features of Face – soft, smooth features that hold mystery
Glasses or Contacts – wears lilac or red contacts
Eye Color – deep blue
Skin Tone – pale white
Scars or Distinguishing Marks – few scars on her wrists and legs to show how she had taken a dark turn in life for a few months
Disabilities -- none
Build or Body Type – curvy, but not too curvy
Height – 6’1”
Weight – 130lbs
Speech Patterns – barely talks to anyone but her brother
Tag Words --none
Gestures – always pushes bangs behind her ear then fixes it again and againWeakness -- mathematics
Special Abilities or Powers – can sense auras and souls of people

Family and Childhood:
Mother -- deceased
Father -- deceased
Mother's Occupation -- none
Father's Occupation -- none
Family Finances – mother and father left a heavy balance in a bank for Ava and her brother
Birth Order – Ava is one year younger than her brother, Coco
Brothers – Coco Poison
Sisters -- none
Other Close Family -- none
Best Friend – Evangeline Slater, grew up with her after her parent’s death
Other Friends -- none
Enemies – almost everyone
Pets – small snake named Poison
Home Life During Childhood – loved and cared for until parents’ death
Town or City Name(s) -- none
Details of Town(s) or City(s) -- none
What Did His or Her Bedroom Look Like – black walls and fabrics (bedspreads, curtains, carpets) Victorian dressers, desks, and couch; black-out curtains; candles everywhere
Any Sports or Clubs – art and photography club
Favorite Toy or Game – Ouija board,
Schooling – private school
Favorite Subject -- art
Popular or Loner – likes to be alone
Important Experiences or Events – parents’ death
Health Problems – slight OCD,
Culture -- none
Religion and beliefs – Atheist

Your Character's Character:
Bad Habits – when alone, holds a large knife for hours, just staring at it
Good Habits – very smart and talented
Best Characteristic -- intelligence
Worst Characteristic -- socialism
Worst Memory – parent’s death
Best Memory – living with her brother, Coco
Proud of – her bother Coco
Embarrassed by – her hyper friend Evangeline
Driving Style – Emo/goth/punk
Strong Points -- intelligence
Temperament – becomes angry easily, adores her brother Coco
Attitude – cocky, distant, shy
Weakness – losing her brother Coco
Fears – dolls, losing her brother Coco
Phobias – dolls, the world ending
Secrets – no one knew about her past habits of cutting
Regrets -- nothing
Feels Vulnerable When – her brother Coco is gone
Pet Peeves – likes to be organized
Conflicts – hears occasional voices in her head
Motivation – her brother Coco
Short Term Goals and Hopes –wants to make her brother Coco happy
Long Term Goals and Hopes – wants to make her brother Coco happy
Sexuality -- Bisexual
Exercise Routine  -- A few jogs here and there, jumping jacks occasionally
Day or Night Person – night person
Introvert or Extrovert -- introvert
Optimist or Pessimist -- pessimist

Likes and Styles:
Music – Avenged Sevenfold, Pantera, Disciple, Red, TFK, *Vie Ghoul
Books – dark romances involving vampires/werewolves
Magazines – **Shonen Jump
Foods – Chinese/Japanese
Drinks – Pepsi, any soda
Animals – snakes, cats, spiders
Sports -- football
Social Issues – really shy and will not introduce herself unless a person talks to her firstFavorite Saying – “No, really?”
Color – black, blood-red
Clothing – hot topic brand, punk/emo/goth
Jewelry – multiple piercings, tattoos
Games – guitar hero
Websites – Writing.com
TV Shows – Ghost Adventures, Bleach
Movies –Phantom of the Opera
Greatest Want – her brother Coco’s happiness
Greatest Need – something to occupy her life

Where and How Does Your Character Live Now
Home – Bellevue, Ohio
Household furnishings – Victorian, gothic style, crushed velvet
Favorite Possession – A skull cast she calls Reino
Most Cherished Possession – her brother Coco
Neighborhood – less populated
Town or City Name -- Bellevue, Ohio
Details of Town or City – small, quaint, dreary
Married Before -- never
Significant Other Before -- never
Children -- never
Relationship with Family – loves her brother so much
Best Friend – Evangeline Slater
Other Friends -- none
Enemies – almost everyone else
Car – hearse, black
Pets – snake named Poison
Career – was a mortician, now a actress in horror films
Salary – eh, good/high I guess
Other Income -- none
Dream Career -- artist, actor
Dream Life – married to a nice, dark guyLove Life – been on two or three dates before, never lasted
Sexual Turn Ons – guys with tattoos, Emo/goth/punk guys
Sexual Turn Offs – preppy guys, snobs
Hobbies – drawing, painting, acting, singing. Writing her own music
Guilty Pleasure – blood and chocolate
Sports or Clubs – art, photography
Talents or Skills – artistic, musical
Intelligence Level – higher than normal
Finances -- sort of rich...
Greatest Strength -- intelligence
Greatest Weakness –her past
Health Problems – slight OCD
Culture – Japanese-American
Religion --Atheist

Your Character's Life Before Your Story:
Past Careers -- mortician
Past Lovers – a music icon
Biggest Mistakes -- cutting
Biggest Achievements – loving her brother

Copyrighted 1997 by Charlotte Dillon

a)  If you could have two whole weeks for vacation and go and do anything you wanted, what and where would it be?
              Japan to see my home-country

b) If you had a weakness for one of the seven deadly sins, which one would it be and why? (pride,
greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, sloth)     
              envy because secretly, nobody knows who I love and envy and I will never tell anyone...

c)  If you could bring one person back to life and spend a whole day with him or her, who would it be and why?        
            My father because I really loved him and I miss him

d)  If you won a three-million dollar lottery, what would you do with the money? What would you do with a five-hundred dollar win?           
                I would help out my big brother in any way possible for either a big win, or a small win.

e)  If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?         
            I would never change anything.

f)  What do you do to relax after a bad day?               
          Sit alone and talk to Reino.

g)  Where would you go to hang out if you wanted to feel comfortable?               
            My room in the dark.

i)  Do you have a secret passion? What? Why is it a passion? And why is it a secret?   
                I wish to become a famous actress. I started acting to fuel this passion. No one knows this because I am so shy.

j)  How do you feel in a crowd? How do you feel alone?         
              I hate being in a room with other people unless it is with my brother (: and I love being alone.

k)  If you were asked to describe yourself, what would you say about the kind of person you are? How about how you look?       
              Solitary, shy, anger filled. Dark, mysteriously sexy, tall.

l)  Where do you want to be in your life ten years from now?
          With my brother Coco living happy.

m)  A tear jerker is on. How do you react if alone? How do you react if with others?           
            I laugh at the person crying. If I am alone, I just sit there quietly, smiling.

n)  Deep down, what does you really think of yourself? Are you fair, moral, honest, ect...?           
            I think of myself as an intelligent, beautiful, shy female. Most of the time I am honest…

o) What do you think would make a perfect first date?                 
            A candle-lit dinner in a cemetery or a home-cooked meal.

p)  How important is money to you? Why?
              Money is okay. I mean, it does not buy you happiness, but to me it is essential to continue my style of living.

q)  What do you consider romantic?           
          A candle-lit date alone.

r)  How "green" are you? At the store, do you ask for paper, plastic, or bring a bag? Do you take hour-long showers, quick ones, have a rain barrel in the yard to catch water for the garden? And so on. While you are figuring out how "green" you are, figure out why you are dark green or not green at all.
              I take really long showers and I do not usually go shopping every day. I guess I am not very green…

s) How do you deal with anger, sadness, external/internal conflict, change, loss, jealousy, hurt, ect...? Why?           
              I just let it pass by. With anger, I let it build, the expel it all at once in one burst.

t) How do you think others see you as a person? How do you think other see you when it comes to looks and clothes?           
              Others see me as a very manipulative, shy woman who needs to find herself and clings too much onto her brother. I just love my brother sooooo much. I want to protect him with everything that I have.





*Vie Ghoul- a band from the manga Skip-Beat

**Shonen Jump- a Manga magazine
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