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Conspiracy theories and stuff..

      The 9/11 attack on the Twin Trade Towers~

      A large amount of gold went missing from the Twin Trade towers;
      how was it moved and where did it go?

      I have a possible scenario in; Die Hard With A Vengeance.
      The New York Federal Reserve Bank is robbed of its gold
      and dump trucks are used to transport the gold through an
      underground aqueduct. A terrorist bombing is used as a diversion.

      In the movie the bank robbers/terrorists are caught trying to cross into
      Canada. But, I still don't know how that much gold could be hidden from
      the International Banks? A sudden increase in an account by a billion dollars
      would be easy to spot.. Maybe, if the gold was transferred to Fort Knox?
      Scenario 2~

      "I'm not stealing gold. I'm making it more valuable."
      Gold Finger explains to James Bond; the scheme was to make the gold
      at Fort Knox radioactive and worthless, thus increasing the value of Gold Finger's
      gold. Perhaps, the gold lost at the Twin Trade Towers will never be found for this

      Follow the money$

      Before the terrorist attack on Twin Trade Towers there was over a billion dollars
      in gold stored in vaults in the basement. Where did the gold go?

      Do you really believe the passengers of flight 93 are buried in mass graves?
      Do you really believe that Build 7 could fall without being touched by explosives
      or debris from the Twin Trade Towers?
      A billion dollars in gold is worth a lot.



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