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Once Lesson 8 is completed this is the final checklist of advice.
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Final Checklist

Soon each of you will have submitted you final outline.  My suggestion is you let things settle a bit after you get your final review.  During the settling period play around with the outline some more while considering the following.

*BulletO*   Is your antagonist worked into the sequence?

*BulletO*   Is the story tight and well integrated?

*BulletO*   Is the Dramatic Premise homogenous to the whole story line?

*BulletO*   Is the non-essential, that which doesn’t move the story along ruthlessly deleted?

*BulletO*   Have you shored up any of the sags?

*BulletO*   Is the Dramatic Intensity Curve operating?

*BulletO*   Do the Conflicts promote the Crisis?

*BulletO*   Has each bullet been transformed into a piece of flash fiction…a mini-chapter in the overall chapter?

*BulletO*   Is the reader seeing snap-shots of character evolution and development?

*BulletO*   Are you developing the story world appealing to the senses and appealing to the emotions of the reader?

Percy Goodfellow - Workshop Instructor
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