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Outline of a book I am attempting to write. I need honst critique. Thank you.
I always knew I was destined for greatness. My mum used to say I was a shining star amongst so much dullness.
My childhood was endless praise and affirmation that I was without doubt a very special young man.
When I was ten, I made friends with the boy who lived in the house just across the road.
A silly young thing, who had no idea how lucky he was that I had taken him under my wing.
So one afternoon while we were fishing by the lake I revealed my magnitude.

I heard terms such as socio- something I never understood what they meant.
When I asked mum she would hold me close and say “Don’t you worry my precious they don’t know you.”

After’ the lake incident’ as the grown-ups {mainly teachers and Mrs Potts who ran the local shop} referred to my revelation we moved to another house.

. The day we were due to leave I took a walk to the local shop. Mrs Potts looked uneasy as I walked around the store. I could not figure out what her problem was.

I was not like the boys from the big school, she had never had to phone my mum because I had been stealing, but there she was hand hovering by the telephone.

I decided to confront her, surely she must realise I would never steal.

As I approached the counter she stood up glancing behind her, I looked over her shoulder to see what she was looking at, but could not see anything.

“Pardon me {mum had drilled into me the importance of politeness} Mrs Potts are you alright” I smoothed my hair down and smiled.

“Yes, yes fine thank you what can I do for you young man “her voice sounded funny and I wanted to laugh but that would have been impolite.
Therefore, I voiced my concerns as eloquently as I was able.

As I left the store I noticed Mrs Potts pick the telephone up, I hovered by the door and tried to listen.” No I’m fine, just a bit shook up.”

I walked away puzzling as to what she was talking about. By the time I reached home, all thought of Mrs Potts had gone completely.

I grew up a self assured and confident young man. My only issue was finding a job that was suited to my talents. It seemed everything I attempted was unsuccessful. There were many reasons for the failures, not mine I hasten to add. Normally the people I was forced to work with. Imbeciles would have been a polite way of addressing them.

Mum reassured me that one day I would find a place to shine my light. She told me to be patient and to remember not everyone is as gifted as I am.

There were many girls; they all enjoyed the thrill of the chase. Woman love a man who pursues them.
Turning up unexpectedly with tickets for a show and a huge bunch of flowers seems to be a massive turn on. In addition, the letters and notes through the letterbox work a treat. I love seeing the look of sheer delight when they come across my little tokens of affection.
.But I will be honest, once the chase was over I had very little use for she who had previously been the object of my desire.

The break ups however became such an ordeal seriously do woman have no idea how demeaning it is to beg. This did not stop me from searching for my soul mate. I knew that she was out there somewhere. Mum consoled me whenever I began to lose hope.
Her words and support gave me so much comfort.

Finally, my time to shine has arrived. This was what I had spent my life preparing for. My heart soars as I walk to my moment of triumph. Now the world will see my true value. As I enter the room, I look out at all the faces of those who have come to share my moment with me.

I am beckoned to sit, as I do the leather straps are pulled tight across my body. I am however unaware of any pain, just an overwhelming sense of victory. I watch as mum who is amongst the audience wipes her tears away, How proud she must be of her son.
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