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Lisa is shrunk at the gym
Lisa walked out of the locker room and into the hallway.  She stopped and checked herself out in the full length mirror that lined the hallway.  She was just a couple days past her 27th birthday, of an average height of five foot seven and had lightly tanned skin.  Her blonde hair was quite long, all the way down to her waist, and was currently bound up in a long pony tail.  She had on her one piece workout outfit that was a solid dark pink in color, with matching white and pink sneakers.  In all she liked what she saw, except for her general shape.  While she had nice b cup breasts and her arms were slim and straight, the rest of her was not so good looking.  She had far too many curves for her liking. Her body stuck out everywhere.  She had far too much extra weight on her belly, thighs and butt.  That was after all way she had joined the gym in the first place, and why she was here three nights a week.  Lisa was determined to get her body back into shape.

    Lisa walked out onto the main floor of the gym.  There were only a couple of people around the room, as it was not only later at night, but raining quite hard outside.  She was glad that there were not many people around, as she hated being seen working out.  She did a light jog up to the third floor and the warm-up/cool-down room.  The room had several padded benches and floor mats, all facing a huge wall and roof window.  The window gave a spectacular view of the thunderstorm outside.  Other then herself, the room was empty.  Lisa selected one of the floor mats and slowly started a couple of warm up and stretching exercises.  She just let her mind drift and not think much about anything, except getting into shape.  she simply looked out of the window and watched the rain.  Then a bright flash of lightning came from outside and forced Lisa to close her eyes.

    When Lisa opened her eyes she found that she was not alone in the room any more.  Another woman had walked into the room, just as the lightning flashed, and went over to one of the floor pads a couple spots down.  Lisa's eyes went a little wide as she looked at the woman as she passed; the woman was a giant.  The woman had to be at least six feet tall, and probably at least half a dozen inches more.  Both her legs and arms and torso were quite long.  She had long blonde hair as well, though it only went down to the middle of her back.  She wore very little, just sneakers, a tiny near bikini bottom and a tiny near bikini top.  The woman's top just barley covered her breasts, and Lisa noted that they were close to the same size.  The woman's broad chest, though, made her breasts less prominent and spread out.  In fact, the whole woman's body was quite broad and full of muscles. Lisa noted that the woman was covered in a think layer of sweat, and figured that she must have just gotten done doing quite a vigorous work out.

    The other woman only took a short glance at Lisa before stepping onto the center of the floor mat.  Lisa was fine with that and simply got back to her warm-up routine.  The thunderstorm outside the windows suddenly interfiled with a sharp series of loud crashes of thunder.  Then bright bolts of lightning leaped from cloud to cloud.  Both women stopped what they were doing to watch the display in the sky.  Then a bright white light came in through the windows and filled the whole room.  For a second the light blinded both of them, then faded away.  The storm continued outside, but it was now much less intense.  Lisa just shook her head and was about to go back to her work out, when she noticed something odd.  The room around her was huge.

    Lisa stood there and blinked, trying to get the spots from the lightning out of her eyes.  When she did focus, she did see that everything was huge.  The room, the windows, even the mat she was standing on.  It did not make sense to her for the first couple seconds.  Until she looked over at the other woman a couple of mats down the room.  That woman was now even more of a giant then before, if she was six foot something before, then she must be sixty foot something now.  Yet the woman still fit into the same room perfectly, and everything was gigantic to Lisa.  So Lisa came to the obvious conclusion that it was not that everything was bigger, it was that she was small.

    Lisa took a deep breath, and simply stood there, a tiny three inch tall woman on a giant floor mat.  What should she do, what could she do, she wondered.  Then several loud thumps echoed around the room, and Lisa felt the mat vibrate under her feet.  And when she looked around, she saw two huge dirty white sneakers on the mat just a couple of her tiny feet in front of her.  Lisa slowly looked up past the sneakers, past the huge bare legs, across the flat and bare stomach, over the tight breasts and up into the eyes of the woman who was working out a couple of mats down.  Except now she was standing on her mat, and she was a giant.  She was looking down at tiny Lisa, almost looming over her, and watching her with her clear blue eyes.  The giant woman, and especially her shoes, were very nearly in Lisa own personal space.  And Lisa could not help but think that she was small enough to be stepped on.

    "Um, hey," said Lisa, in her now tiny voice, looking up and not sure what to say.

    The woman did not respond at all, and just kept looking down at little Lisa.  The giants gaze was a bit unsettling, so Lisa decided to leave.  She was not sure where she could go, or what she could even do, but she felt the need to get away.  Lisa turned and walked away, heading towards the door.  She only took four steps when a huge, white, dirty giant sneaker crashed down on the mat in front of her...less then one of her tiny feet away.  Lisa screamed and fell backwards as the giant sneaker came down.  Lisa curled into a tiny ball, not really sure what else to do, and simply sat there on the mat.  After a couple seconds she noticed that she was not crushed, but a deep smell drifted across her nose.  It was a mix of leather, cloth and sweat.  The smell seemed to be everywhere, but it had to be coming from somewhere.  Then Lisa figured it out, and slowly looked over at the giant sneaker.  That was the source of the smell. 

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