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A couple uses a candle that shrinks the guy

Hernando laid out flat on the bed, looking up at the ceiling.  For maybe the third time he was counting the spots on the ceiling.  He was ready to go, at least a whole half our ago.  Hernando was dressed in a pair of tight jeans, dark shoes and a white tank top.  His dark skin, as well as his muscles showed through the tank top for all to see.  He kept his black hair short, though few saw much of his hair as he almost always had a cap on his head.  His cap today was bright red and had fallen off on the bed next to his head.  Hernando's body was short and compact, he was only five foot seven.  He rolled over at bit to look across the room.

    "Are you ready yet?" he asked.

    Across the room, in front of a full length mirror was Hernando's girl friend, Simone.  She was not quite ready yet, and had been trying on outfits for like last half hour.  Currently she had on tight faded jeans and a red blouse with a plunging neckline, but no shoes or accessories.  She had not gotten that far yet.  She was much shorter then Hernando, only standing five foot three.  She was also much heaver then he was, as she had lots of curves.  Of note she had large, wide, curved hips and a large bubble butt.  Simone had large c-cup breasts that always show their shape no matter what top she wears.  Her skin was a shade lighter then Hernandos, but still quite dark on the average.  She had long, curly black hair that went all the way down to her waist.

    "Do these jeans make my but look too big," asked Simone, without turning around.

    "How many times must I say this, baby, I like your behind just the way it is, " replied Hernando, still looking up at the ceiling.

    "Really," she asked looking over her shoulder at him.

    "Yes, your but is one of your best features baby.  I love it!" said Hernando as he sat up on the bed and cupped both his hands in front of him.

    Suddenly a bright flash filled the room and startled both of them, then quickly faded away.  They both blinked and looked at each other.

    "What was that?" asked Simone, more to the empty air then to Hernando.

    Then, with a slight pop, Hernando started to shrink.  Simone watched in horror as her boy friend got smaller and smaller.  And then just as quickly as it started, the shrinking stopped.  Except now Hernando was just three inches tall.

    "Icarumba," shrieked Hernando looking down at his now little self and the now giant bed.

    "Oh my gosh, " whispered Simone as she covered her mouth with both of her hands.

    "Woah....." exclaimed Hernando as he looked across the room at his nor giant girl friend.

    "Don't move! It will be OK! Where is my phone!" exclaimed Simone in a near panic.  She moved across the room and over to the cluttered nightstand next to the bed.  Then then leaned over a bit to sift through all the junk.  Hernando turned to watch her, and found himself almost eye level with her butt.  She still had the great bubble but that he remembered and loved, except now it was several times larger.  To put it simply, her butt was huge.  He was quite mesmerized by her now gigantic curves that filled his vision.

    "Wow...Baby...You look great," he said, gazing upward.

    "What?" she asked, whirling around.

    "Your butt," Hernando said simply with a smile.

    "What about my butt? " asked Simone, raising her eyebrows.

    "Your butt is so...huge...so beautiful," Hernando said.

    "Thanks," she said, looking away, "I need to find my phone.  We have to get you help or something,"

    "I don't need any help from anyone except you, babe," he stated.

    "Awww....But Hernando, honey, your like this big," said Simone holding her left hand up with her thumb and pointer finger apart.

    "Eh, so what, I feel fine.  Now how about you show me that big butt, baby!" said Hernando with quite a lot of bravado.

    "Oh, I think my butt might be just a little too big for you now, honey," she said softly.

    "Too big! Don't be silly!  I like big butts, baby!  And you have got the biggest butt I have ever seen!" he exclaimed.

    "It's not that big, your just so small," She said.

    "Whatever! All I know is that, baby, you got a huge butt!  Now why don't you turn around and show it to me," said Hernando.

    "Well....." said Simone, randomly looking around the room.

    "Come on baby!" said tiny Hernando as he walked towards the edge of the bed and jumped up and down.

    "OK, OK" she said, holding her hands up.

    Slowly Simone turned herself around so that her behind faced the top of the bed, right at tiny Hernando's eye level.  His little eyes went wide when he saw her giant butt again.

    "Let me touch it," Hernando said.

    "OK, but be careful," said Simone in a sweet voice.

    Then she moved and sat down on the edge of the bed, her weight making a crater on the mattress.  The bed shook as she sat down and the movement knocked tiny Hernando down.  He fell on to his back and tumbled right into a crease in the sheet and slid down towards her behind.  He slid all the way down the crease and slammed into the bottom of her butt with a tiny little thunk.

    "Oh," gasped Simone as she heard the tiny thunk and felt the tiny impact.  Though she was careful not to move for fear of crushing him, "Are you all right?"

    "I'm great!" Hernando replied with a laugh.

    Slowly Hernando got up onto his feet, leaning against the huge side of her butt.  He ran his tiny hands over the soft fabric of her tight jeans and felt the warmth of her skin underneath.  Simone just had a little smile as the tiny, tiny hands of her tiny, tiny boy friend felt their way across her butt.

    "Oh, baby, you look and feel so great in these jeans!  But you gotta take them off!" Hernando yelled excitedly.

    "OK," said Simone, as she reached around behind her.  She let her fingers slide along her butt until she felt his tiny body.  Then she gently held him against the mattress and stood up.  Hernando just lay there, under her hand, with a huge smile on her face.  She removed her hand, but he did not even move, just lad there on his back and watched her.  She just smiled and slowly undid her belt and slid off her tight jeans, as she stood up on the bed and watched.  Simone now stood in front of tiny Hernando with just her black panties covering her bottom.  She then slowly turned herself around, and placed her butt right at his eye level.

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