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Exploring the strengths of the social media sites
For centuries Hinduism has worshiped deities of many forms which represented their socio-cultural values. But among them the blue deities like Krishna and Shiva captured the imagination of the most, in terms of both divinity and popularity. Now if we consider the new trend of consumer markets, I can see, two new blue deities emerging. Like Krishna and Shiva, here we have Facebook and Twitter.

You can ask me, why I make such outrageous claim by calling the sites God! The fact is, I have made some honest observations and came to a conclusion that these social media sites offers exactly what the consumers want. Like God himself, these sites granted the wish of his disciples, which the consumers looked for years. Now no longer people need to peek through their neighbor’s window or lawn to see what they are buying or planning to buy. They can just send a friend request in Facebook or follow the person on Twitter, and all the information would be available for free. Like true Gods, these deities also have realized the greatest fear of their disciples. That is the fear to be left alone. Believe it or not, no one wants to miss the trend and what a better way to know the trend than constantly monitoring the activities and thoughts of the others. There is another need which these Gods have fulfilled. That is the urge of a commoner or consumer in this case, to show. off Suppose when you buy a Blackberry phone or a Mercedes for that matter, wouldn’t you just love to display it with all the pride you earned with it? What is a better place than these platforms to show off your social status? Now, it is somewhat unfortunate but true, that consumers often relate their social status with the products or the brands they own. This is what makes the role of the companies so relevant in this overall context of social media and this is why I am calling them consumers and not individuals, and this is why I am referring to these sites as Gods.

You see, what happens is that, we don’t like to talk about microbiology or astrophysics on a daily basis with friends, families and neighbors. What we talk instead is about the things we bought or things we want to buy. This actually sets the trend of the market. Once 30 people “Like” the page of Nokia Lumia 800, on Facebook, automatically the 31st person will start thinking, “Am I the one, losing out to the trend?” So, that provokes the person to buy the product, or at least like the page on Facebook to gather more information. This constant process of mutual exchange of rapid thoughts is actually too provocative to resist. Being social animals, we have this ultimate desire to stay connected and stay updated and these social media sites offer us just that.

There is no escaping from the fact that social media has again captured imagination of million, may be not by its virtue of divinity but at least due to the level of connectivity it provides. We all are disciples of these new blue deities and we all have to follow. Whether we like it or not, these Gods do exist and their blessing is helping both the consumers as well as the marketers, if and only if, we desire for the right things.

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