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We all have demons that haunt us. It is useful to know who they are...
My Demons

The first demon stepped forward.  He towered over me threateningly.  Red skin, putrid smell.  He had a human face that constantly morphed so that one minute I would glimpse a lost friend, only to be followed by thousands of nameless features.

‘My name is Betrayal.  I have the excuses that men need to forget trust and friendship.  I turn lover on lover.  I do not need a reason.  I am not the facilitator. I just do as I please.’

As he spoke, the second demon silently glided forward.  She had brown hair flowing down the front of her head and down her breasts and a face on the back of her head.  She had horns and hollow eyes, dancing atop a wide grin, from ear to ear.  As she turned, a coarse voice echoed through her static lips.

‘I am Deception.  I web a net of lies.  I alter the truth so as to have my own way.  I tell what I want, not what needs told.  I am the master of my own truth.’

In sequence the third demon stepped forward.  Short and hunched.  I could not see his face for a wide hat on his head.  His hands fidgety, they seemed to be looking for something and would suddenly stop as if startled and hide in his sleeves, only to repeatedly emerge and start searching again.

‘I am Ignominy.  I walk side by side with my brothers.  I am legacy.’

As the last demon finished speaking, I immediately heard a voice thunder over from behind me.  As I turned, the heat made my eyes water.  He stood with arms wide open, burning.  He was beautiful apart from his face, which I could just barely glimpse through the flames.  It was distorted, ugly, angry.  It seemed to be screaming, it seemed to be smiling, it seemed to be crying.  All at the same time.  As I focused my eyes beneath the tears, I saw it was my own face.

‘And I am Anger.  I will consume you with hatred.  Hopelessness and rage are my weapons.  I am you.’

I could feel my body burning as he spoke, I could smell the searing stench of burning flesh.  I turned to step back and saw the other three demons slowly circling in towards me, a foul and putrid aura emanating from each one of them.  I looked around but there was no one else to help me.  Knowing there was no way out I smiled, closed my eyes, turned back and embraced Anger.
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